Sunday, October 7, 2007

A new best friend...

Parker couldn't wait to get to Kansas and see the puppies. He had no idea there would be one "reserved" just for him! (The Wheeler's have been saving this puppy just for Parker much to his Daddy's dismay!) He has quickly bonded with little Henry and is begging to take him home! So far, he hasn't been able to talk his Daddy into taking the dog home! This morning before church, I overheard him playing with the puppies in the kitchen and heard this... "Dear Jesus, please help my daddy to change his mind and let me take the puppy home with me, in Jesus name... Amen!" I about cried. Talk about pulling on daddy's heartstrings!! Here are a few pictures of Parker and his little buddy!
An excited Parkerman!!!
Daddy not looking too thrilled at this situation!
Getting acquainted with Parker...
Can I please take him home to Indiana???Cousin Kelcie with Henry and his sister, Exie!



Hey you want Weswee and I to help pray for you too? :) :) :) It's just want mommy and daddy needs. Life is just sooooo boring!!

Jody J

That is too cute! I hope he gets a "Yes" answer. Of course, I would feel differently if it were my kid! I'm definitely with Jonathan on this one! But when a kid prays . . .

Angie Davis

I'm with Daddy--it's a rat with legs! Unfortunately, someone at our house is LOUDLY praying too--at home, at school and in Sunday school class--for a puppy also. Or a snake, a rat, a rope fish, or a giraffe...


That does pull on your heart strings! Every boy needs a dog! Cute dog too!

Gene Davis

"Jesus, Please help Jonathan to be strong and not give in.....and help him make it back to Indiana without a puppy!!!" Amen (Our Prayers are with you Jonathan)


Well, at least it's a *little*'s when they are bigger that they are a pain in the heiney. I speak from experience since we have 2 labs! They are outside which makes it a little easier but I've had a couple indoors too....Let us know if Henry makes the trip to Indiana!


Oh, and Angie....Do rats not have legs?? lol

Karen Walden

Angie... they have a rat also. (I am not kidding!) I would be glad to take a picture of it for you to see! There is some difference!


Hey, we all have to pay the price for having children. ;) I hate having a dog but I have one for my kids. It's annoying but they enjoy it SO much. I'm hoping I can stick it out another 10+ years and then I'm DONE with pets! LOL

Jonathan Walden

Keep praying Gene, I need all the help I can get!

yo no adoro Taco Bell dog (perro)!

Ugly and worthless! These dumb dogs just sit and shake!


I can't wait to read who wins here:) But all little boys (and girls) need a puppy!! Please, pretty please????


They don't have much fur, Jonathan, so they are probably cold. Just go to PetsMart and buy a doggy wardrobe - they've got lots of sweaters to choose from. Cha-Ching! Problem solved. Next excuse please...

Just kidding, really.


Hey, I'm votin' for you & Henry, Parker Man!!! Henry is probably just shaking because he is afraid of your Daddy. And we all know he is really just a big ole Teddy Bear that won't hurt anybody. Hope your prayers get answered!!!


Jonathan Walden

OK, since Grandma Sheila is so "for" this big idea, I think we should let it stay with her! She probably still has some goodies left from the last dog! (may she rest in peace!!)
Now that I think about it, if it was not for the sudden disposal of a former furry friend, Parker's need for a dog would be filled!


Gene Davis

Hang in there Jonathan!!!!! You can do it...don't let these women pressure you into this Big Mistake!!

Sherry Gates

I thought just like Jonathan that it would be wonderful for Grandma to keep the dog for them!