Monday, October 22, 2007

Eating razor blades...

Peyton came into the kitchen a couple of days ago holding one of my razors and had his tongue stuck out to show me! He had two cuts on his tongue and it was bleeding of course! Paige was right on his tail with yet another razor!!! Apparantly hers hadn't made it to her mouth yet! I quickly grabbed them, went to the bathroom and saw the shower door was opened. They had once again been "having fun in the bathroom!" What in the world will I do with them when they actually hit the terrible two's?????????


Jody J

What happened to the lesson learned about keeping the bathroom door closed? HA!! I KNOW how that is. That is funny, but could have been bad! :) Better days ahead!


If it's any comfort to you, my girl's actually seemed to hit their terrible twos around 18 months. My niece was working on her Early Childhood Education degree. I didn't swallow EVERYTHING she told me but this one thing seemed to make sense. She said most kids follow an 18 month behavioral cycle...good for 12 months, bad for 6. It was pretty accurate for mine. But again, you've got terrible twos times two! :):) Maybe you should adopt David Fry's great advice...PRAY :)

Karen Walden

Jody, this happened the day before the bath tub incident! However, we sometimes forget and walk out of the bathroom without shutting the door! Last night, I heard the toilet lid and Peyton was ready to dive in with a toy!


It finally became a habit for us to shut the door when we came out of the bathroom. We didn't have toys in the toilet or razors eaten but we did have a lake on the floor because they liked to fill the sink up with water and put their toys in that.


Invest in those child-proof door handle things! I was never one to child-proof my house when the kids were little, but since Kallee LOVES to get into her brother's candy, chap stick, money , cologne, etc., we have installed one of those handles. She can't figure it out so that keeps her out, IF they remember to close their door.

Steve Hight

And IF we adults can squeeze the kiddie-proof door knob covers in just the right place an get the door knob to turn all the way instead of the cover slipping . . . .