Monday, May 28, 2007

What's that smell?

We were all having a good time visiting today at our little picnic and the kids were on the hill having fun playing together! There was a huge rock, wagon and flower bed at the top of the hill that we had used for pictures earlier! All of a sudden, someone yelled, "Oh no... a skunk!" There was Parker, right on it's tail chasing it with two sticks! (It had come out from underneath that wagon!) We all were yelling "Parker" trying to get him to stop but that seemed to make him run even faster! He was so close to that horrible skunk and I just kept thinking he was going to get sprayed big time! The skunk ran across the road and luckily, Parker stopped there! We asked Parker if he heard us yelling at him and he said, "Well, yeah!" Someone asked him what he was going to do if he caught the skunk and he said, "I was going to hit it with those sticks!" Tonight he was talking about the incident again to Jonathan and he said, "Man that skunk could run really fast when you are chasing him with sticks!" Dear me... Thank goodness he didn't get a "shower!" I don't know what we would have done!!! Looking back now, it is quite hilarious, but oh, such a close call...


Angie Davis

That's hilarious! I can't believe he didn't get sprayed. :)

Aunt Carol

Well, that would have made for a fun airplane ride to Florida! Oh my goodness!!! :0


yikes! tomato soup bath. that's all i've heard. but i'm sure we could find lots of tricks on google :)

cookie momster!

Oh, my! That is funny! Before Abby started school she got to spend Thursdays with Daniel and she came from behind out shed one day and said, "daddy, someone put a little kitty in a cage for us." Of course Daniel was like, "HUH?" Went back there and it was a skunk in a live trap. I called the office and let them know (very nicely) that I was not happy with not being informed!


That would have made a funny video! I can just imagine him chasing that skunk with sticks. How brave! I seriously think Steven would have run the opposite direction.....