Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Too busy to be on the computer...

The painter finally got done painting the inside of our house! Yea! Now to just get everything back in its proper place! (That will take a few days!) Maybe when we get finished I will post some pics so you can see our new color!!
The kids got to spend the day in Franklin with Grandma and Grandpa Walden because the man was still here painting our house. Parker loves going to Grandpa Don's! He and Grandpa hunted wild mushrooms and he played with his tractors in Grandpa's garden. He told Jonathan tonight, "Dad, Grandpa Don has hard dirt!" The twins ran wild all over the yard and gave Grandma Walden a work out! They ran barefoot in the gravel driveway and didn't seem to mind at all!
It was a busy day at the hospital. Many babies born, check out that moon!!!!!!
Jonathan enjoyed his first official night out of school tonight! Hurrah!
Everyone is asleep but me and I have to be up the earliest! Better hit the hay! Sorry no pics, busy working every day until Friday! Also, tons of cleaning to be done around here! Have a good Wednesday!



I definitely want to see pictures! We are painting ours ourselves (actually Rodney is doing it and enjoys doing stuff like that) and I've got all my colors picked out. We've got Steven's room painted and now we're working on the girls'. Our room is after that. I can't wait to see what colors you've picked out!

Jody J

Congrats to Jonathan! (And to you too for putting up with everything at home!) So glad he's done. Now, enjoy life until he decides to go for his PhD!