Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Parker's Picnic

Yesterday, Grandpa and Grandma Walden came down and babysat while Jonathan and I were at work. Grandpa Don worked really hard and finished building a few parts of Parker's swing set. He built the picnic table below and put the rocks and rope on the climbing wall, handles, telescope, steering wheel, etc. Parker was thrilled and couldn't wait to have lunch today out on his new picnic table. He had chicken nuggets, chips and water!! (His request!) It was a little chilly out today but he had fun anyway!

Tonight after prayer meeting, we went with my parents to Dairy Queen and had a bedtime snack!!! We were all sitting there in our booth talking away when all of a sudden, Parker stated really loud, "That man's nose is BIG!" My dad said, "Shhhhh, be quiet!" He about died... Parker was so serious and so innocent, we were mortified and cracking up when it was all over! At least the man didn't hear him! (We don't think he did anyway!) Kids.... you never know what they will say to people!!! I am sure many more embarrassing moments will come too!



Grandpa Don did a great job on the swing set. I'm sure Parker will get LOTS of good use out of it. Bryson loves his. Money well spent for us!

Jody J

Love the swing set.
Kids sure can embarrass us, can't they? There will come a time when we will embarrass them -- I can't wait! (not really)
One time Alyssa told a woman, "I smell you"! The woman DID hear her and I about died!!