Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Photos!

Today was a busy Mother's Day for us! As you can see from the above photos, Jonathan's graduation was tonight! It was a long and tiring weekend for everyone, but also a very happy one! I am tired and the only one still awake in the Walden household, but need to make myself get off of this computer and get to bed! I will try to post some graduation photos tomorrow night sometime! Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day and got lots of nice things! I got a new memory stick for my camera that holds over 3,000 photos! (Just in time for Disney world!) I also got a gift card to my favorite store... ("Christopher & Banks!")

Oh yea, I won two of the prizes at church today! I won the Mother with the youngest baby present. (The twins are over 16 months old!) The other prize I NEVER intended to win in my life, and that was the Mother with the most children present! (I tied with my Grandma! HA!)


Angie Davis

If you hurry, you can have #4 by next Mother's Day and guarantee yourself two prizes again...

Cammie Walden

We had a great time seeing you guys twice this weekend! You have your hands full Karen! You do such a good job! All three kids always look so cute! Congrat's to Jonathan! (And you too Karen!) Your Sister-n-law


That is too funny. I don't know if I have ever won any prizes. I had my kids in the wrong months...June (Tony DID win Dad with youngest child that year :) and December and January :( As for the most...I am not in competition nor do I want to be! lol!!


I've only won 1 time and that was at Bethel the year I had Steven. Now, I can't remember if I just won mother with the youngest baby or if I got another one too. I am thinking Judy's granddaughter got one for being the youngest mom.