Thursday, May 3, 2007

A short shopping spree...

Earlier this week, the painter was still painting the inside of the house so the kids and I had to leave for the day! We went and picked up Grandma and went to the outlet mall. I had plans to go to several shops that day but my plans were changed! We went to the paper factory to buy plates, cups, napkins, etc for Jonathan's Graduation party next weekend. We were in there a long time and the kids were over it fast! The cashier at the paper factory thought she was doing us a huge favor by giving all three kids a helium balloon! They were fighting over them even though they each had one! Mom took them outside and it was really windy and the twins balloons got away more than once. Can you just see her running after balloons??? We even tied them to the stroller but they turned completely around trying to get them again. If we would have had a sharp instrument on us that day, those balloons would have been history. Nice thought lady, but please don't try to help us again!!! The kids were extremely fussy so we got McD's drive-through and went back to Grandma's until the painter had left our house! (Guess we will try shopping again another day!)


Angie Davis

Balloons are easier than the people who pass out gooey candy or chocolate to babies. So far, I've resisted the urge to hit them with my diaper bag...


I hardly ever went shopping with my kids when they were little. It was such a traumatic experience the first few times that I would wait until Rodney was home and then go. It's not like that now that they are older and it's more fun to roam around the mall. Of course, the girls LOVE to shop already!