Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday School class project...

Our Sunday School class had a work day on Saturday and did a "good deed for someone in need!" 14 of them went out to my grandparents house and did yard work for about 5 hours or more. They pulled weeds, trimmed shrubs, trimmed tree branches, mulched the entire yard, dug up unnecessary things, etc!!! (Those of us that had little kids had to stay away due to the kids getting in the way and also snakes are seen frequently around Grandma and Grandpa's house!!! YIKES~) Jonathan went and got a blister on his hand the first hour he was there!!! :) (That is because his hands are so soft from computer work all the time!) Amy Shearer took them Sub sandwiches and cookies for lunch to go with their pop and chips! Grandpa ran to Walmart and bought a new patio set and they got it all set up for them too! Grandma was a little upset that they were "messing things up" and told Randy Dunn he "...knew better and she was going to call his Mom!" (My Grandma is not doing very well and we believe has undiagnosed Alzheimer's!) She was not happy with everyone and couldn't understand what was going on out there! Later Saturday evening, Grandpa took her for a walk in their yard and showed her what a nice job everyone did for them! She decided then that what they did was okay and it looked really nice!

It was hard work for those that showed up but I think they felt rewarded for doing something nice for their pastor and his wife!
Jonathan took my camera because I made him and he only took a few shots! He said now he wished he had taken before and after pics! He says we wouldn't believe it!


Angie Davis

Your poor Grandma must have felt like the target of a full-scale invasion! Gene will be glad he's not the only one with marshmallow hands...

cookie momster!

Sure wish we could of been there. We would of loved to help and lucky us our kids are old enough to work!


What a nice thing to do! And I can totally understand/sympathize with you on the reaction :) Sounds like my mom in recent months. Sometimes, though, it can be kind of funny and you either have to laugh or cry.