Friday, May 11, 2007

Coneys and Pizza Burgers...

Talk about a different Friday night out meal... Tonight we went to a local dive where you drive up and a waitress comes out and takes your order, and then you eat in your car when you food arrives! Parker thought it was totally weird but loved his hotdog and potato chips. (Daddy wasn't too proud that he got ketchup on the cloth part of the back of the seat though!!!) I had the coney dog, Jonthan had the pizza burger and we both had onion rings. Good stuff! While we were sitting there, I of course had to jump out and take a picture and someone spotted us! (Look at the gray Ford Ranger in the background of this picture!!) It was my Grandma and Grandpa Thompson! They had come out there for a Banana Split!! (That is their special this week according to the sign!) By no means do I want to get in a habit of spending my Friday night meals there, but it was okay tonight since we are busy preparing for Jonathan's open house tomorrow!!! Must go...busy day ahead! Have a great weekend!! We will be very busy with an open house, Mother's Day, Graduation, etc.



I'm glad Parker got to experience the "dining in the car" event. By the way...Musilami's have great tenderloins. And their cherry Cokes are awesome! One of our favorite spots to run to spur of the moment.


cookie momster!

Karen, that place is awesome! we only took our kids there once. (shame on us!) I love food! Trying new things is a wonderful way to get fat! My friend thinks I am brave and I was like why subscribe to Taste Of Home if I don't want to venture out!

Gene Davis

I could not believe my eyes and I was not for sure that it was the same place my parents took me as a kid....that was until you mentioned the pizza favorite!!!! It took me a few minutes with the picture, but boy do I remember all the different times eating at Musilami's!!!