Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Parker's Prize...

Parker has been working really hard to earn this "Mac Truck." "Mac" is one of the character's in the movie, Cars who hauls around "Lightning McQueen." Parker's task has been to sleep in his bed every night for 7 nights and not come to Mommy and Daddy's bed. He messed up a few nights and had to prolong the task. This morning he came out and said, "I slept in my bed all night, now I get my Mac truck!" Luckily, we had already purchased this toy and had is hidden until he accomplished his task. You may think that 7 nights might not have been much, but for him it was a long time! We started a very bad habit when he was a baby of letting him sleep in our bed. Now we have been trying for over a year to get him out of here and into his own big bed! We even bribed him with a dollar a night for a while! Now that he has won his prize, lets just hope that he doesn't think he can come back! (We may have to take Mac back!!!


Angie Davis

Yeah, we made that mistake with the first one too. At nearly 7, he still weasels into the middle of our bed sometimes. It was a lot easier before he had those giraffe legs! We did NOT make this mistake with the 2nd one...

Karen Walden

We got smarter too with the twins and haven't let them in our bed either! Parker never slept through the night so it was just easy to put him in our bed and get him back to sleep instead of sleeping in the recliner with him all night! Big mistake! (By the way, last night he wondered into our bed at 2am crying that his legs hurt and wanted someone to "pray" for his legs! So...Jonathan was praying away with him at 2am!!!) Think we need to take Mac away already!?

cookie momster!

hhhmmmm....growing pains? Some say they are real others that they are not but Seth has complained about his from time to time and he has grown so....What a blessing for you that your child believes in the power of prayer even though he is small. We had a cop killer on the loose a few months back---not far from our home and Seth was sort of scared(ok, we all were) and I said, "grandma Taylor is praying so go to sleep." He was like, "oh, if she is praying then we will be ok." That is the kind of belief my kids have in Prayer and Grandma!


Love the "sleepy head" look in the first picture!


Hmmmm...maybe I need to find Kerrigan's coveted toy and try that on her. I guess my other kiddos got pushed out by the baby that entered our lives. Now that Kerrigan IS the baby...well you get the picture. Hope Mac works for you! We have a King size bed so that helps a little now :)