Monday, May 28, 2007

A New Experience for Parker...

Jonathan took Parker fishing this morning at Great Grandpa Thompson's pond. Parker had never been fishing before and when he woke up he said, "But Daddy, I don't know how to fish!" He learned quickly and Jonathan says he caught at least 20! They were all little and they threw all of them back! Yea for me! (I didn't want to have to think about cleaning or cooking them!)

Chuck McGuire met them there and he caught a pretty big fish but threw it back as well. Parker loved it and didn't want to come home!

Right before they were getting ready to leave, Parker was getting really close to the edge of the dock... Chuck looked at Jonathan and said, "Can you swim?" Jonathan says, "Nope!" Chuck said, "I can't either!" They both just laughed and told Parker he was on his own if he fell in the pond! (Glad I didn't know that they both couldn't swim or I would've had to go along!!!)

They are home now and we are getting ready for our picnic/birthday party! Have a great afternoon!