Friday, May 25, 2007

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend...

Everyone seems to be going away for memorial day weekend. Friends, neighbors, etc! (I have to work Saturday and Sunday so we will be home.) We went to Chili's tonight for supper (Thanks to Chuck and Mary McGuire!) and then a a couple of stores here in town! We do have a picnic/birthday party on Memorial day so we will get to have some fun after all!! Have fun with your families and visiting the cemeteries if that is your tradition! (My in-laws spend all weekend visiting all the different family members graves. My Mother-in-law had 4 typed pages of names she had to buy flowers for the different cemeteries they will visit! My mother-in-law's family makes a huge family deal out of it and even have picnics in the cemeteries!!! (One of my father-in-laws "favorite" traditions... ) Jonathan sure hopes his sister, LuRhe, takes over this tradition someday!!! Both of our Mom's really enjoy decorating the graves and then taking pictures of the tombstones! Jonathan says we have more pictures of some tombstones than we do of the actual family members themselves!

Have a great weekend and keep cool!


Angie Davis

Oh dear! That's one thing I don't miss about Canada--all the trips to the cemetery on major holidays.


I am kind of sad that we won't be home this weekend to put flowers on my Mom's grave. We used to visit my grandpa's graves and my brother, who was stillborn. Ya'll will have to read my blog if you wanna learn more about that story :)


Hey! I read this! And Carol & I just went to the cemetery this afternoon & put out new flowers. And...I have the pictures to prove it! Would you like to have one for your blog??? See you soon!