Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dopey kids...

Well... the kids all slept ALL NIGHT!!!! A record indeed for us! I don't know if was just pure coincidence or if they were all overdosed, but it was a peaceful night!!! I even went in the twins room this morning before going to work to make sure they were still breathing! They were snoozing away! I think this will definitely become a night-time routine! I about cracked up a little while ago though... I picked up the box of TRIAMINIC strips that I had given them all last night, and was reading the ingredients. In bold print on the front of the box it read, "Less than 5% alcohol!" Jonathan said, "Well, that's good!" I asked him if the kids all had hangovers this morning!!! Ha Ha...
Jonathan thought he would please Jesus and our church members if he brought the kids and their germs to church today! They coughed and snotted around and I am sure we will get blamed for someone's sickness, but they were in the house of the Lord on the Sabbath anyway!!! I got off work at 3pm this afternoon so I was able to go to church this evening. Tonight, we all walked out to our car to leave instead of Jonathan coming under the carport to pick us up. Parker forgot his coat at Grandma's but I thought it was no big deal! The night air must have done something to his ear because he cried and screamed with his ear the whole way home! Fun times... The night air also did something to the twins lungs because they coughed and strangled most of the way home, and at one point I was afraid Peyton was going to throw up all over the back of me... We made it home, doctored up Parker's ear with numbing drops, gave him some Motrin and called Papa Bob to pray! (Every time Parker gets sick he wants to call Papa and have him pray for him! He says Papa is his best friend! :) He has calmed down now but I think we will made the dreaded trip to the Pediatrician in the am and go sit in the "sick" waiting room. (I hate that room, it feels so germy...)
Since it is now bedtime for our kids, I am off to find the VICKS and those "alcoholic" medicine strips for each child!
Isn't winter weather just grand???



My mom (who raised 6 kids) and my sister (mother of 4) both overdosed Britnee. And here I was worried about my young nieces babysitting! (sigh!) I find it hilarious that you gave them meds for 6 yrs. and up and you are a nurse :) At least it was your own kids. lol! And I bet they DID sleep!! Good thing benadryl didn't have the adverse reaction that it gives my nephew...makes him VERY hyper!

Judith Atnip

Yikes, I know what you mean. I work at a Pediatric Clinic and sometimes I go use sani wipes on the door knob. It gives me the creeps to go out there and touch things. I got a cold right after starting to work there, and I never get colds.

Jody J

Congratulations on the kids sleeping all night! What a difference that makes!!

Karen Walden

Jody...last night was a completely different story! I got 3 hrs sleep total before going to work. I would buy all my kids new ears if I could!!! ;)


This time of the year can be so hard sometimes, can't it? We've had trouble w/sinuses at our house but it's been the adults & not the kids. Go figure.....! :)


You are too funny!! I love reading your blog especially about your kiddos :) I hope they're feeling lots better by now and if not just give them another round of their medicine!! They'll be sure to sleep :) Stay well!


Are the kids doing better?

Karen Walden

Yes, they are on Antibiotics for their ears, still somewhat runny noses and coughs, but much better! I was just tired of posting about having sick kids and I have been working all week so nothing to blog about...