Monday, January 28, 2008

Potty time!

I have decided to try to begin potty training our twins! I am not being super diligent but they are doing fairly well so far!

Yesterday morning during the sermon, Peyton announced loudly, "I gotta go potty Mommy!" I got up to take him out and saw many smiles and snickering as they had heard him as well!

Today, I was holding Peyton while he was napping and all of a sweater got wet! YUCK! He sat up and said, "That's cold Mommy, I peed through!"

Paige was waking up at the exact same time and guess what??? She was soaked through as well! I don't like those new diapers at all!

Tonight after supper I decided to sit Paige on the potty! She never is able to go but always tries! Tonight she actually went a little bit and I was praising her and telling her she could have a sucker when she got done! I was sitting on the floor, facing her on the toilet and watching her "success" when all of a sudden, she strained really hard and peed all over the front of me! (Don't ask me how she did that, I am still trying to figure it out!) I about scared her to death jumping out of the way but it was too late. Soaked sweater and skirt! YUCK! (Remember, this was now the 2nd time today I had gotten peed on!) So, I ended up with my jammies on quite early tonight!

I think we have had enough potty time for today, maybe we will try again tomorrow! Have I said how much I am dreading potty training these rugrats?


Angie Davis

L.L. Bean has some lovely raincoats in their new catalog, Sweetie. I'm just glad you're having that much success--Kent still puts the undies on his head!


Bless your heart!!! I can hardly imagine potty training twins!

Nathan and Tricia

Sounds like you are having a time of it!!!! I have to's not something I look forward to. :o) Hopefully tomorrow will be better!


A momma's job is never easy. It's a given. Taking on a huge job like potty training, ALSO generates more laundry! I wish you luck. I had to smile when I saw the Elmo DVD cover. I just bought that same one for Jillian, even though I've not started training her. Don't have a date yet, either. I just thought it would be helpful to get her thinking about it. That DVD is about to drive me crazy!! :)


Good luck! You'll definitely need to steam clean your carpets when you're done - lol. Best advice, though, is on Sara's blog and you've probably already read it and the comments.


I just started potty training Lauren about two weeks ago and she is now totally potty trained. All three of my girls were easy. The part I hate is having to take her to public bathrooms now.


lol, Sorry to hear that you got so wet, but the mental picture was quite funny. My third time around will be here before I know it, so I won't laugh too hard at you. Good luck!

Karen Walden

Belinda...what's your secret?! Angie and I have to know!!!


Sounds like you are having fun! :) Just remember.... this too, shall pass.