Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Peyton & Paige!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our twins, Peyton Duane and Paige Danielle! We love you both very much. You two have definitely made the Walden household "come to life!" We have a hard time keeping up with you and your older brother, Parker, and cannot imagine how easy our life was before kids! We wouldn't trade you for anything though and hope you have many more wonderful birthdays! You have made our family "complete!" Have a wonderful day on your new 4x4's! (What were we thinking???)
Love you both very much!
Mommy & Daddy

Just a few minutes old...
Daddy and Paige in the operating room...
Mommy and Peyton on the operating table...
(Beautiful picture huh??? :) Approx 1 week old...

Almost 1! Love the nose...

Almost 1! Such cute teeth...

Almost 2! Thanksgiving 2007

Almost 2! Thanksgiving day 2007

(#2 Birthday party pictures to follow... It has been a busy weekend!)



They are so cute!!!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Peyton & Paige! Like your daddy, y'all have brought lots of joy and excitement
to our lives. You two are so beautiful, so smart and so good!! We love you a whole big bunch!
Papa Don & Grandma Fayerene

Angie Davis

Happy birthday, munchkins! Kent will come visit soon and show you lots of weaselly tricks. :)


Happy To You (as Kerrigan said when she was 2 :) And how much more appropriate for twins! lol!! Hope you both feel full of vim and vigor this week. I know your mama would welcome that over ya'll being sick. Enjoy those toys!!


Enjoyed the pictures! :) They are cuties!


Hey, Karen -- we need to see a "pre-delivery" picture!

Karen Walden

Very funny Michelle... I never did to those "side shots" right before going out the door to the hospital! I do have a few pictures from a day or two before but they are front views and don't give it the "full effect..."