Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Kerrigan!

Today is my niece, Kerrigan's 8th birthday! We helped celebrate her birthday at a roller skating rink! I had never been inside this place before today, and found out that it is about like Chuck E. Cheese!!! Crowded, noisy, tons of kids, etc!!! We had pizza and cake, and anyone who wanted to could try to roller skate! Parker had never had a pair of skates on in his life before today and was a little hesitant at first to try it! He hugged the rail and made a couple of laps with the help of Daddy "walking" with him! No... Jonathan did not wear roller skates!! I however, tried it!! (When I was a little girl, I would roller skate in our drive way for hours! I had a cabbage patch cassette tape that I had a little "routine" that I would skate to every day!) I thought roller skating might be like riding a bike and that it might be something you never forget!! WRONG!!! I got out there and it felt worse than ice skating! I was almost as wobbly as Parker! I made one lap around, only because there wasn't an easy exit, and decided to call it a day! I might have gotten a little better if I would have practiced some more, but decided I did not want to fall and cause a huge scene! The kids had a good time and that is what birthday parties are all about! Happy Birthday Kerrigan!!! We love you and hope you had a great birthday!

Enjoying her roller skating party!

Parker had another birthday party to attend immediately after Kerrigan's this afternoon! This one was for a little neighbor boy, who he also goes to preschool with, and he turned 5! His party was at a gym and Parker had never been there before today either! We had been warned that it would smell like dirty feet so I wasn't looking forward to it! The twins needed to take a nap and Jonathan volunteered to take Parker so I gladly stayed home! There was all kinds of fun things for the kids to do there, pits to jump in, trampolines, beams to walk, etc! When Jonathan got home, I asked him what the place smelled like and he said, "Dirty sweat socks!" Ewwwwwwwwh!!!! Glad I missed out on that opportunity! Parker loved it though and wants to go back! I doubt it will be an option for his party next fall! I can't bear the thought of that smell up my nose for a few hours!

The kids are well on their way to recovery thanks to a little Amoxicillin and grape Motrin! They ended up with ear infections but what's new?!?! My kids always do that!

Bundle up tomorrow, wear your ear muffs so you don't get frost bit!!



Wow, sounds like fun! I roller skated for the first time when I was about 22 years old. Tony has weak ankles so skiing is a better choice for him - though we've only done that once in our 15 years together. Neither of us like the cold anymore - we're wimps :) We discovered a bounce place in Noblesville the other night. Looks like fun! Hope it doesn't smell like sweaty socks though!!

Angie Davis

Pullease tell me there are pictures of you on roller skates!


What a fun place to have a party! Cammi loves to go skating!

I think my ankles are getting weaker as I get older so I'm kinda scared to try it now. :) (Or maybe it's just the extra weight on the ankles! LOL)