Saturday, January 5, 2008

"Happy Birthday Dear Jonathan..."

Today is Jonathan's #32nd Birthday! Happy Birthday honey! We will be spending part of Jonathan's birthday at Chuck E. Cheese having the twins #2nd birthday party!!! (He is so excited!) The twins were born the day after Jonathan's birthday, so ever since he gets kind of ripped off on his birthday. He says he doesn't mind though! What a good daddy to share so well! Hope you have a good birthday despite having to spend part of it with "Chuckie..." I promise we will do something more your speed later in the day! Happy Birthday!!! We love you very, very much! Thanks for taking such good care of all of us!
Karen, Parker, Peyton & Paige

Do you recognize Stephen Cassady in the dread locks???



Nice photos. Happy Birthday, Jonathan!


That 2nd picture looks just like Peyton! Happy Birthday Jonathan!


Happy Birthday from both of us! And yes that picture looks exactly like Peyton.


Happy Birthday Jonathan! Hope you have a great day.
Enjoyed all the photos. That is one cool stroller! Does his mom still have it?


Happy Birthday! Wow, you are young! Hey, just check out my birthday post - we went to a place like Chuck E Cheese. It will make you feel younger :) As for the picture post...loved the surrey with the fringe on top and I can't believe how much both of your boys look like you but look so totally different from each other!

Lady J

Happy Birthday Jonathan! It took a while for me to realize I was looking at your baby pictures and not Peyton's! It was the baby stroller that did it!.


Yes, love the "surrey with the friiinge ooonnn thhheee tooooppp"!!!! (pardon me - I've been listening to too much Veggie Tales)

Happy Birthday JonathOn! (mispelling his name used to get under his skin....and 1 certain teacher always did!)


Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Thank you so much for coming by the funeral home last night. It meant alot to us. Dad always liked you, and liked to give you a hard time, in a good way, of course.

Hope the party for the twins was good. Happy birthday to them, as well. Can't believe they are already two!


Happy Birthday to our baby son! Jonathan, from the day you were born you brought excitement and joy to our lives. We love you lots! We are very proud of your accomplishments in life, but most of all that you love and serve the Lord.
Love, Mom & Dad

Angie Davis

Don't EVEN tell me that he's younger than me! (That hurts...) Did he get his picture with Chuckee?

Karen Walden

Don't feel bad Ang... He's younger than me too!!! (Quite a bit!)

Sherry Gates

The 2nd pic is how Jonathan looked the first time I met him! LONG time ago!