Sunday, January 6, 2008

Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese

We had a good time at Chuck E. Cheese despite the loudness! The place was packed and we had 4 tables right smack in the middle of all the games! The kids loved it and the adults endured it! (At least I didn't have to stress over my house this way!!) Poor Jonathan had to spend part of his birthday with "Chuckie" as well! The twins enjoyed their party and were ready to crash when we left! The rest of the day was for Daddy since it really was his birthday!
Jonathan bought himself a new "amp" for his bass guitar for his birthday and got money and some things for his new "toy!" (IPOD) We ate supper at TGIF's and had dinner with Montie and Elaine Dunn and their boys, and Donnie, Cammie and Jennie Walden! It was just a coincidence that Donnie and Cammie were eating there at the same time! Our party of 12 was quite chaotic at times but Jonathan enjoyed his birthday dinner so that is all that mattered!
It has been a busy weekend and we are about partied out! The twins love their new 4x4's that they got today. We just wish they knew how to steer the things! Our poor furniture and woodwork! I see these things in the basement right away!
Peyton hasn't been feeling well today and has a slight fever tonight. Last year, the day after their birthday he thought it would be real nice to barf all over me at church! I was wearing a new black suit and he promptly ruined it on the first wearing! That was a long week as we all 5 ended up with that bug... Hope the day after their birthday this year ends up going much better! We'll see what tomorrow brings!




Happy To You! (that's what Kerrigan used to say when she was around 2 yrs and how much more appropriate for twins!) Hope you all stay well this week!!


Sounds like they had a nice birthday!! Hopefully you dodge sickness! :)