Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I found the twins tonight jamming on Daddy's iPOD!
Peyton was "in charge" of the song selection...
"Movin up" by Gold City
This is a pretty cool toy Dad!
(Everything was cute until Paige started chewing on Daddy's ear piece!!!)



That is so cute! Hey, at least they are sharing! :)

Jody J

Adorable pics. It's amazing how quickly the kids learn all the technology that we have!


How adorable :)


While looking at these pictures, it really struck me that Peyton looks like a little boy...and not a baby anymore! :o( Maybe it's because of his "big boy" haircut!


The 2nd picture of Peyton cracks me up! His look says it all..."I so know what I'm doing here, Mom."


I bet Jonathan will be happy to get an ear full of spit the next time he uses it, HA! I can not believe how much Peyton looks like his Daddy, WOW!


Your kids are so cute!!! Are they feeling better?

Angie Davis

I can hardly wait 'til the day their Daddy finds they've filled it full of music from Barney and The Wiggles!