Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cabin Fever!

Peyton has been sick for most of this week with a fever, snotty nose and horrible cough. We have been up multiple times a night this week taking turns holding a very "hot" baby boy! (He did this last year right after his birthday too. Hope this isn't a trend...")
Last night I thought I would just take him into our room and let him try and sleep on one of our pillows in hopes that this would help him to stop coughing! I sat him on our bed and walked into our bathroom. He was choking and gagging and all of a sudden...I heard that dreadful sound! PUKE all over our bed and Jonathan's pillow! (evil cackle) Yuck, yuck, yuck! I had been sitting in a leather chair for an hour with him but did he try and throw up on the chair??? NOOOOOOO! So, here I am at 11:30pm, stripping sheets and throwing them in the wash, stripping Peyton and wiping him all down, while Jonathan was snuggled in the chair with Paige! (I always put her to sleep but since Peyton has been sick I decided that I would take him for the night! Bad choice for me!)
I haven't left the house since Tuesday evening when I got off work and it doesn't look like there is much relief until I am scheduled to work again this weekend. I think this may be one weekend that I don't complain about having to go to work!
You can see what I have been up to this afternoon though! Not housework or cooking but changing my template! Man these things are a pain to change. I suppose it wouldn't be too bad if I were more computer literate!!! I am going to have to send a box of chocolates to Angie Davis for helping me get this figured out!!! Thanks Angie!
I must be off and try to be productive in the last hour before Jonathan gets home! Hope he doesn't ask what I did today!!!


Sherry Gates

Reading some of the previous posts about some of the things that have happened on his "watch" I am sure he will believe all that you say! Sorry the kiddo is not well. Those days are hard for sure. It is nice when they can upchuck where they need to!


Your new background makes me hungry! That sure looks yummy. Hey Janet...don't look! :}

Hope Peyton is about over his little sick spell. Jeff said that Carter had it too & he thinks Chuck E Cheese might have been full of germs on Saturday!


Lady J

Sorry, Sheila but I looked and drooled! My niece told me she heard about a remedy for night cough and she tried it on her asthmatic boys and it worked so Karen give this a try. Rub Peyton's feet with vasaline and then put on a pair of socks before you put him to bed. She "swears" by this and learned it from others who also "swore" by. Am I sounding like Dr. Gott yet? Jeff might be right about those germs. :)

Leanna Pitcher

Karen, I know how you feel. I can't stand not getting out of the house for some reason each day. Even if it's just going up to my Mom and Dad's for the evening. I didn't step foot out of this house from Monday night till Thursday evening this week and I about went crazy. Lindsey had a bug, but didn't last long and then I seemed to get it worse then she had it. I am doing some better as well, so we went to my parents for the evening. Sure do hope Peyton gets better and that NO ONE ELSE GETS IT!! I wish Jonathan a great weekend - haha! Those puke messes are not fun - huh! I cleaned two up this week as well. Boy am I glad that she doesn't do that very often. I don't think she had been puky sick since she was 9 months. I guess I'm lucky! :) I love to read your blog and I can't even imagine how busy they must keep you. I think Lindsey keeps me hopping till I read your latest episode :)I laughed and laughed over your New Year's Eve predicament.


hi, this is travis's mom, i enjoy reading about the twins. as you know travis has a twin sister. for what is worth. there ain't much you can say that i haven't experienced too. i'll just say what you are going thru now is a piece of cake. wait until they are teenagers and they are both attending two different private schools and you are biting your nails hoping that their graduation is not on the same night. lucky for me it wasn't.....i have cleaned puke, poop, and once they got into their brothers chocolate bars he was selling in boy scouts and opened 10 of them up ate off each one hiding behind the recliner chocolate dripping all over them and the floor. plus i had to pay for 10 candy bars. i was livid on that one. good luck.


Oh, surely Travis wouldn't do anything like that when he was younger! ROFL

Karen, hope Peyton is feeling better this morning! It sure does wear a mom out when the kids are sick doesn't it?


Karen...I think you had better get "Gina's" email address & make her your twin advisor! Bet she has lots of stories to tell.

Janet...are you sure it isn't Vick's Vaporub you are supposed to put on their feet instead of Vaseline? I've heard of that remedy and thought of using it myself!

Just glad it isn't the flu we all had a year ago.... :{ Love, Mom


Hang in there "this too shall pass"! I do like your "new look"! I'm too scared to try a new look I don't want to mess anything up, so...


Hey Karen Lynn!!

Sorry you have had a yucky week with sick kiddos!! Been there, done that! Have you taken Peyton and/or Parker to the doc? Don't mean to be nosy, but I was always sorry (and still am if I am trying to second guess myself with a sick matter how old they are)if I didn't run them by the ped...I was nearly ALWAYS nurses, there we should always put a vote in for "medical intervention"...vaseline/Vicks or not. Hope everyone is better...
Aunt Carol


My thought was along the line of some others...Chuck E Cheese being full of germs. I finally quit taking my kids to places like that (McD's playlands, etc) b/c it seemed like my kids were constantly sick. But sometimes I think it's just that age. It WILL get better, I promise! As for taking them to the dr every time they were sick, I stopped doing that too b/c I got tired of paying $55 to be told it was a virus and there was nothing they could do :)

Have a great weekend at work and I hope the other kids stay well.

Steve Hight

Hey, y'all, I've tried that rub-the-feet-with-Vapo-Rub cure, and I'm not sure it works. If it did, it took about three nights to do it.

Ah, Keren, I'm glad that when you were stripping sheets and stripping Peyton so you could wash them you (at least didn't report on) doing the same to poor Jon in his condition of puked-on dad.

Oooops. Maybe I should blush.

Steve Hight

P.S. -- Those chocolate desserts look scrumptious! And here I am, trying to change my lifestyle (though that does NOT mean cutting out chocolate entirely!).


Uuuugh! That sounds miserable! BTDT too many times w/the whole kids puking in the bed thing. We were down to one set of sheets for awhile because I had pitched so many sheets - it grossed me out too much to deal with washing "chunks"! LOL

With my kids, once they got older, it seemed like they didn't get sick quite as much. It will pass! :)


Have you ever heard of "Unkers"? It does wonders for my kids' cough. I never use cough syrup anymore. It's Vicks-type thing. I'm not sure where you get it. My mom always orders it for me. I'm sure you could google it, though. (Not that it will help you now, but it might be nice to have on hand!)
Just trying to be a blessing! ;) Ha


Karen, something we have used since Kerrigan was a baby (she was sick every month the first 4 months of her life from the time she was 4 wks. and always coughed so much she would barf all over!!) for their cough is a warm mist humidifier instead of a cool mist. Cool mist NEVER DID work on my fact, I think it made them worse. But the warm mist one works wonders. They cough for probably 30 minutes tops when they first go to sleep but we've gotten many more hours of sleep since instituting that little machine. Just happened to think of it.