Saturday, January 12, 2008

Is it a full moon???

Did I say I wanted to go to work this weekend??? Obviously, I was delusional from being home with the kids all week! Today was not a good day all for the OB department! We were overflowing with patients, and extremely busy! The patients just kept rolling in with bizarre complaints!!! In order to not violate any HIPPA laws I won't go into details... Everyone at work keeps telling me that it is all my fault and that I "attract" these people!
We decided early in the morning to "order out" which we often do on the weekends! We ordered Johnny Carino's at 11:40am and our order was to be ready by noon. A patient decided to "crash" and had to go to the OR while ER was bringing more patients up at the same time. We practically had a collision in the hall with two patients! (For real...) Anyway, the nurse wasn't able to go get our food when it was ready due to our extreme busyness. Finally, 1 1/2 hours after we ordered, she left to get our food! It was then 1 1/2 hours later that we got to sit down and eat our extremely cold food! My Italian nachos were completely rubbery but I was starved and chewed every single bite!!!
I was so busy that I didn't even use the bathroom for 14 plus hours today and just about decided that I should've anchored a catheter on myself!
Jonathan's day at home was pretty uneventful. He called me tonight as I was giving report to leave and said, "What is it now? You don't call and check on me when I am home with the kids all day?" I could've screamed! Here I hadn't even had time to use the bathroom all day and he was feeling sorry for himself that I hadn't called to "check in" on them!!! He understood though when I explained my day to him and decided to be a nice hubby and order "carry out!"
The kids were all coughing tonight so I decided to try this new medicine that my mom sent home with the kids this week. It is for cough and congestion and is these little dissolvable grape strips! I gave them all a strip and they said, "MMMMMH!" I then thought I should read the directions and it said, "For children 6-12 use one strip!" (My kids are 2 and 5 and it said I should've consulted a physician!) I don't know if it was the medicine or not but about 30 minutes later, the twins were ready for "choccie milk" and didn't even put up a fight to go to sleep. They were asleep in record time and Parker wasn't too far behind them! It might be the Benadryl in those strips but I think it may also become a new nightly routine around here!!! :) I also lathered up their feet tonight with the VICKS and it about made Parker cough to death while I was applying it. So far, so good though. All is quite in the Walden household and I'm loving every minute of it!!!
Have a good Sabbath!!!


Lady J

I absolutely love your blogs! I can just imagine your work day-been there-done that a few times in my life. I don't think it's quite the full moon yet. A particular resident at SO has been too quiet for it to be a full moon. Boy, can she be a case! I can't believe I told you to put vasaline on the kids fit when I should have said Vicks and that was even after I called my niece to be sure what it was for you to use! Some nurse I am.

Karen Walden

Janet... I was "some nurse" and tried the vaseline anyway!! HA HA! It just made Paige fall down and didn't help with the cough at all. They sure had soft feet the next morning though!! :)


I love those kinds of meds, they are great! Did you know Benedryl works great on adults like that too? HA! I don't want to get hooked on that stuff, but it helps me sleep GREAT! Hope the kiddos are doing better, it isn't fun having all of them sick.