Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Elvis's Birthday!

Hello, this is Jonathan!
I know many of you are aware of my fondness of Elvis. Today, would have been Elvis’ 73rd birthday!
Due to a canceled flight, two guys I was to meet with today were not able to come to Columbus from Memphis. However, our company plane was still going to fly to Memphis and back home this evening, so we quickly changed plans to allow myself and two others to fly to Memphis to have this important meeting. This afternoon the weather turned very bad in Memphis with tornado watches in effect and winds exceeding 40 mph. At some point there were doubts as to if we were going to be able to fly home this evening or not. I was already making plans to go to Graceland if we were stranded! Needless to say, we did not get stranded, but made the journey home inwhat turned out to be one of the worst flights I have ever experienced. I fly many times a year and have never been on a flight like this one. Our 18 seat jet was tossed around like popcorn in a kettle! You could forget about drinking anything, it would have been all over you. We even went through a storm cloud with lightning flashing all around the plane. I was just waiting for a jolt! This is the same pilot that I was talking with one day and asked if he had ever been hit with lightning, to which he replied, “Oh yes!” He said, “There are only two types of pilots, those that have been hit with lightning, and those that will!” I have never been on a plane when it was hit with lightning and would rather avoid that little experience! When we finally rode our tube shaped roller coaster all the way down to the ground and parked in the hanger, the co-pilot emerged from the cockpit and said, “Wow, I am glad that is over!” I can confidently say, she was not the only one that felt this way. (as I considered kissing the ground) Maybe I should have stayed in Memphis with the Elvis fans! Maybe next time! Thankyou, thankyouverymuch!



Yer welcom'! As I was rocking the twins after supper I asked Paige if she thought we ought to say a little prayer for her Daddy to safely make it home. She said "Yes" and then very loudly said "AMEN!" I think that is how her prayers go. I was so glad when you called & knew you were on the ground. What a stormy day!

Grandma Sheila

Jody J

That's awful! Sorry you didn't get to stay and go to Graceland!

Karen Walden

We've been there before Jody... it "ain't all that!" I seriously doubt a thing has changed since we were there 10 years ago! :)

Lady J

Wow, what a trip! Your trip beats my resuscitation experiences!
Karen, I eat mainly 4 oz of meat each meal, salads for lunch, cooked veggies for dinner. Then I have my clear and creamy supplements either with or between meals and the wonderful vitamin and other tablets. Costs about 50-60/week but it has been worth it! And don't forget the 64 oz of water everyday. Don't tell anyone but I feel like I have taken up "drinking"! I am putting something in my mouth about all day long!


Sounds like the flight me & Cara were on on our way home from Africa, except we were over the ocean & I can't swim:-) LOL

Steve Hight

Wow, Jon, sounds like a real "corker" of a ride. Glad you made it safely through the roller coaster ride. I can't think of a really bad flight like that that I've been on, but I remember one plane that landed in a hurry when someone on board appeared to have a stroke. It seemed like we dove straight for the ground! I said something to the pilot afterward, and he said, "We could put it down even faster than that if we needed to." I don't know if I'd want to be on that ride or not.


Yikes! I'd have been freaking out!


Well, dad - there WAS that flight from the Atlanta to Knoxville almost 20 years ago that to a 12-year-old was pretty scary! Turbulence like crazy and drinks fying......


Well, you know, fLying.

Jonathan Walden

are you giving your age Michelle?