Wednesday, September 12, 2007

National Quartet Convention

Here is the link to Solid Gospel to hear the NQC live. (It's free...)
John Myers, if you are watching via the internet, we will be in the nosebleed section both Thursday and Friday night! (One year we sat in the very top row... )

Listen for Jonathan cheering loudly for Ivan Parker at 9:50pm Friday night!



I can vouch that you sat in the nose bleed section as I had to climb those steps with you! Ya can't go any higher than we did!!! Have fun & enjoy your night out. I'm looking forward (believe it or not :)) to having the kids all night. We'll probably make some memories. See you tomorrow.


Angie Davis

We're Booth Brothers fans, but we'll forgive you for liking Ivan. Have a great time!

Karen Walden

Angie... The Booth Brothers are great! They sing on Saturday night so you might check in on them then via the attached link!

Adam & Val

Sounds like fun! BTW, I do remember you from Pilgrim Camp. :)