Saturday, September 15, 2007

NQC Highlights...

We are back from our busy 2 days at NQC. We had a blast and got very little sleep! We arrived on Thursday evening and watched the awards, then stayed for the entire evening concert which did not end util 12:30am! We only touched the surface of the exhibit hall that evening! We did not get to eat supper prior to the concert so we were completely starved by the time the concert ended! We went out driving around and found an Arby's that was open 24hrs! (Arby's never had tasted so good to me!) We fell into bed at almost 2am and were back up before 8am to go at it again! We went to the "NQC All-Star Baseball game" which was a hoot! Let's just say, many of the players have NOT missed their calling! We ran to a showcase at noon to hear The Collingsworth's sing and were also able to hear our friend, Tim LeBeau and his son, Timmy sing in an afternoon showcase as well! We walked up and down every isle in the exhibit hall on Friday afternoon which took 3 hours! Wearily, we climbed to our seats about 7:00pm for the evening concert! I never left my seat for the rest of the night, and once again, we stayed until the last song had been sung! We headed home at 12:20am to rescue our babysitter!!! The kids were all snuggled in their beds and we "crashed!" Thank goodness, they all slept in today! Good babies!!! I will upload more pictures of our time at the NQC but here are a few of our favorites! Have a great weekend!

Jonathan and Bill Shiver's (Lead singer-Brian Free and Assurance)
Bill felt the need to stand on his tip-toes during this photo!
The Collingsworth Family performing in the afternoon showcase

Jonathan and buddy, Tim LeBeau
Such a pretty face, Mark!!!

Dino and his wife talking with Legacy Five


Jody J

Looks like you had a great time! Tell your mom you need another couple days to rest up!

Angie Davis

Is it just my imagination, or has Dino had some SERIOUS work done on the face? :)


Looks like you had fun!

I don't know, Angie, Dino looks the same to me...just aged and maybe his face is a little thinner.


Looks like you had a great time! Did you see my brother there?

Karen Walden

Angie: I don't know about Dino having face work but he is definitely not the most handsome face I have ever seen! He did look strange, it is not the camera!

Dorcas: Yes, we ran around with Harold all day on Friday from noon until the concert ended at 12:20am! He ended up sitting in our section in an empty seat. Jonathan went over and sat with him and left me and another friend sitting by a grumpy old lady!

We had a blast and enjoyed this convention much more than any other! Maybe it was the "no kids" thing or the face that we were there for a longer time!


Looks & sounds like you guys had a great time!!

Fun, fun!!


I havent seen Tim in a LONG time either.Hes changed too!!


Looks like you all had a great time! Dino looks the same to me, just older like the rest of us, ha!

Janella Thompson

Wow, I have not seen Tim in like forever!!!! I remember as a young girl and teen....when he still traveled to alot of holiness churches that my mom and dad would go and we usually would end up going out to eat with him afterwards. Mom and dad really had a good relationship with him for quite some time. He looks like he has slimmed down from the last I saw him. Looks like a great time. Would love to go one day...if I can just get my husband to be a SG lover.