Monday, September 24, 2007

Karen's celebrity look alike...


No matter how many pictures I tried of me, it would mostly come up that I looked like some male and more than once it said I looked like Bob Saget! Guess the glasses are similar! Most of the females it showed, weren't even close!

Now, I am off to get a complete makeover... See you later!



Do you have a picture without glasses on? Mine turned to a guy when I had glasses too. That's weird. I think they need more celebrity photos in their database.

Jody J

That's hilarious. You're much prettier than Bob!

Angie Davis

At least you didn't turn into Bill Cosby...


Ok, you made me curious. I did ours...Wes-Benny Hill...and mine-Chuck Palahniuk (who in the world is that?)My second one was Katherine Heigl...don't know who that is either, but...Yeah Right!