Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Our family day!

We decided on a spur of a moment to spend our Labor Day at Kings Island in Cincinnati. I was on line and saw they had a good rate on their tickets for Labor Day weekend. We didn't get over there until around 1pm and ended up staying until the park closed at 8pm! We took our three kids and spent the most part of the day in the Nickelodeon kids part of the park! Parker had a blast and the twins enjoyed it too! They didn't get to ride as many rides as they did earlier this summer at Disney World, but they still enjoyed being outside and watching all the people! It was a beautiful day and not crowded at all!
The only thing I did not enjoy was the log ride... Parker absolutely begged to ride it and he and Jonathan went and got in line! I had parked myself on a bench in the shade and the twins were actually being good and quiet! My cell phone rang and Jonathan said, "They said if the twins can stand alone, they can ride this ride too! Bring them on over!" So... I go over, empty out my valuables from the diaper bag, grab a kid on each hip and head for the line! It went fairly quickly and our party of 5 filled up our own boat! They made us actually sit the twins down on the bench and not on our laps. No seat belts, nothing... As soon as we hit a wall, water splashed in on us and they started screaming!!! We topped the hill and tried to keep them covered, but it was no use... we ALL got drowned! They really screamed. There was an elephant at the end as we were coasting in to dock and it "sprayed" us and completely finished soaking us! As we pulled in, I felt like a horrible mother, two kids screaming their heads off and an almost 5 year old jumping up and down and yelling "we got soaked!!!" Needless to say, that was our last ride of the day!!! I hope it didn't scar the twins for life...
We stopped at Frisch's Big Boy on the way home and filled our tummy's! When we pulled in our driveway at 10:30pm, all was quiet in the SUV!!! What a nice sound!!!
Here are some pics of our fun day! Hope they don't bore you! There are a couple of shots of the drowned rats in there somewhere...

King's Island 2007



Rodney and I thought about going this past weekend since the tickets were so cheap but we did other things instead...we figured it would be a nut house.

I've just figured out who I think Paige looks like -- Carol and her youngest daughter (can't remember her name)

Karen Walden

Kylie... That is funny that you said that, Mom has said that for quite some time now! Funny, she doesn't look like me or Jonathan?!


A couple years ago we stopped at Kentucky Kingdom on a vacation to TN. Tony and I don't do rides but we'd watched the kids do stuff and watched Tony's brother ride an insane roller coaster. Well, I found Blizzard River and figured it was something we could handle. It was our last ride of the day. Tony was NOT happy that we had to ride MANY hours to our destination (from Louisville to Chatanooga) with soaking clothes. Jeans don't dry very well, do they?

sankey family

Your day sounds like so much fun!



That looks like so much fun! We need to take our kids over there one of these days. I wish I had known that was a good time to go (you said it wasn't too crowded!) :)

I was cracking up about the poor twins getting soaked. That sounds like something we would have done when our kids were that age. :D


Your poor kids were probably terrified, but it's still funny!!