Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Parker!

5 years ago today, our lives changed forever! I had been up all day and had worked a 12 hour night shift and was nearing the end of my shift. I started feeling "not too swell" and had a "gush" and one of my co-workers insisted on wheeling me down to LDRP in a wheelchair! How embarassing! Sure enough, my water had broke and I was there to stay! I had my labor nurse run and clock me out for the day!! I begged them to let me run home and shower and I promised I would "be right back!" Nothing doing...

I should tell you that my Mom was in Kansas visiting her mother who was suffering from Pancreatic Cancer, and Jonathan's parents were in Michigan on vacation! (I was 2 weeks early and had no signs that I would go into labor early! My doctor told my mom she would be safe to go out of town!) WRONG... My mom was trying to get a flight home asap and my poor Grandpa Brown was laying on the couch with crushing chest pains! (They found out later he was having a heart attack!)

Jonathan's parents were out in the middle of "no where" vacationing and had no signal on their cell phones!! Things were not going as planned at all!!

My doctor told us I would be at least 12-18 hours in labor so Jonathan settled in for what he thought would be a loooooong day! To make a long story short, 3 1/2 hrs later, at 12:39pm Parker David Walden was born! My Mom was sitting in the airport at Chicago, Jonathan's parents had no idea we were even at the hospital and my dad was on a lunch break! At least Jonathan was there! (Things happened so fast that he almost didn't even get the cameras out! The nurse had to tell him, "This is it, turn your camera on!) He took the doctor seriously when he said 12-18 hours!

My dad and brother came to see us about an hour later and were our first visitors! My mom didn't arrive until 7:30pm that evening! Her flight had gotten delayed, tornado's ripped through Indy, and her luggage got lost! Talk about a stressed out new Grandma!!! Jonathan didn't get a-hold of his parents until the next day and they headed home as soon as they could! (They too drove through the tornadoes with their truck and trailer to get here!)

Our lives have been forever changed and we wouldn't trade him for a million dollars! He has truly been a joy to have in our home and we can't believe 5 years have passed so quickly!

Happy Birthday Parker David! Mommy and Daddy love you very much!

Click on the photo below for more Parker pictures!


Jody J

Happy Birthday to Parker! Such cute pics!

Angie Davis

He's so cute. I love his big personality!


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Parker,
Happy Birthday to you!

To bad we live so far apart...I think he and Steven would get along famously.


Wow, it seems like yesterday :) I didn't remember that your in-laws were on vacation. But I do remember them going up there for a fishing trip. Was this the one?

Peggy Bailey

Happy Birthday to Parker!!
Time flies...before you can hardly blink your eyes, he will be grown up like my Jenny.


Happy Birthday Parker! Hope you have a good day and get lots of presents! Maybe a dog named Scooby!?!?! If not, I'm sure you'll have fun playing with whatever you get.

See you Saturday if not before ...

Love - Uncle Jeff and his clan


Happy Birthday to Parker! He is such a cutie. I know he'll have a great day (jumping!). :)

I really enjoyed the "growing up" photos.

sankey family

What a handsome boy - Happy Birthday, Parker!


Happy Birthday, Parker Man! You definitely have given Gwama Shewa lots of memories in the last 5 years! But we have had so much fun!!! You are a pretty special little guy. I just talked to your Uncle Steve Brown & he said to tell "that baby boy" happy birthday. (I don't think her realizes how big you are!) We love you very much!
Grandma Sheial


Happy Birthday Parker!
I do have a puppy ready and waiting to come to you. I can bring him out tomorrow.
I remember your birthday like it was yesterday! Talk about DRAMA at the Brown house! I thought your Grandma Sheila was gonna have a stroke! Then there was your great-grandpa having a heart attack!
We are SO blessed to have you in our family.
I can't believe you're 5 years old!!
I love you, Buddy Boy!!
Aunt Carol


Happy Birthday a day late Parker. I guess we were a few days early too...can't seem to hit it right on the day! :) Love, Jenny & Weswee


Happy b-day Parker!!!!!!!


What a cutie!


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