Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our week...

Nothing much exciting has been going on around here which is why I haven't posted recently! I spent Monday cleaning up after the birthday party and worked the next couple of days.

Tuesday was Jonathan and LuRhe's #20th wedding anniversary!!

Tuesday evening, I took Mom to the Derby Dinner Playhouse and we had dinner and watched the musical, "Sing Hallelujah!" It was a fun girls night out! (Thanks Jonathan for keeping the kids!)

Today the twins were total terrors and have demolished parts of the house! They started out by somehow getting our "trackless" shower door off the track! This was before I had showered and the door is stuck and I simply cannot budge it! (I had to take a bath and wash my hair in the sink. Not my favorite way of doing it, but it worked!) Then I discovered they had de-capitated one of my Boyd's Bear resins, and the list goes on and on today!

Mary Jane finished her radiation on Tuesday of this week! We are so happy she is done and that she did so well! She deserves a big vacation Chuck!!!

Our good friends, Darin and Amy Shearer just celebrated their #15th wedding anniversary yesterday and spent the evening in prayer meeting! (They have big plans for a romantic getaway in the winter months!) I thought I had a picture of them, but can't seem to find it!

Anyway, that is a brief look at what is going on in our lives this week. Pretty boring but a "post" nonetheless!!!

Now, the twins are screaming, it is time to get ready to leave and this is how I feel...


Sorry the twins are terrors today! I actually got a closet cleaned out without them here.:)

Thank you so much for the dinner & play. It was a very enjoyable night out. We'll have to do it again some time my treat!

Enjoy Carino's & your friend from Czech!



Oh, Karen..sorry your day was a little rotten yesterday with the twins. Remember "this too shall pass"! My girls aren't nearly as destructive as Steven was and luckily he outgrew that a couple of years ago! He was always writing on the walls, even with marker which is HARD to get off, broke picture frames, some of my Boyds resins, and ruined my carpet with syrup (that's a story all of it's own!). I'm sure I could come up with a lengthy list if I thought long and hard about it. The girls are so much different....they just love to play in the sink and get water on the floor.


As Michelle said,"this too shall pass", all too soon your little ones will not be little anymore. Write down their little bad things in their books as well as the cute things because you will forget. They are explorers and want to find out about things and don't realize the danger or destruction they can do. Think of how quickly Parker has reached 5 years old.
Love, Mom Walden

Sherry Gates

oh bother, I just told my kids after a wonderful afternoon of babysitting that I had ordered each of them a baby for Christmas! Now I change my mind! Yep, too soon your little ones will look like big ones~~enjoy!


Your date with your Mom sounds SOOO enjoyable! How special that you can do that together!