Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dad's family...

My uncle Steve Thompson, was here for a short visit over Labor Day weekend! We all got together for dinner at Mom's on Sunday afternoon! Here are a couple of photos of my grandparents and their children. They aren't together that often so when they do finally get together, we always take their picture!

Left to right: my dad: his brother, Kevin Thompson: sister, Vickie Best: and brother from Florida, Steve Thompson.

Grandma and her son, "Stevie Jo" :)



It's nice your Dad's family could get together!! Nothing like family!!


Great pics! Do you remember the big family get-togethers at Ponderosa when Grandmother Julie was still alive? :)

Karen Walden

Yes... the one I remember most was the one in Washington at the "high-rise" in 1987, and Annette was pregnant with Kyle. Remember they would always get together and sing??? We kids were bored out of our minds... :)


LOL I'm glad to know other kids were bored crazy too. The only blessing at the "high-rise" was getting to the creepy back entrance hallway & get stuff out of the vending machines! :)