Friday, September 28, 2007

A visit with Dana!

We got to see Dana last night as she was here in the US for another business trip. She lives in Czech Republic and flies home today! It is a 10 hour flight once she gets to Atlanta! She loves shopping at our outlet mall and always says she can't believe how cheap our clothing is here. She usually has to "sit" on her luggage to get it shut when she goes home! This time, she bought a huge suitcase here and was disappointed that she didn't completely fill it up! She said she may have to stop on the way to the airport today to fill it some more!
We met her at Johnny Carinos and enjoyed our short visit. The kids were getting restless and we were finished so we decided to go talk outside. They were running all over the place and once I looked down and they were all three laying down on the dirty sidewalk, looking up at the sky! We had a nice visit and I am sure by the time we left, she was probably calling her husband telling him how wild the kids were!!!

She doesn't know when she will get to come back to the US as she is changing roles at her job! We hope it isn't too long and we look forward to seeing her again some time! (Maybe Jonathan will have to go there on a business trip and I can tag along like Tamra!!!) Yeah right...