Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Having trouble loving my neighbors...

It's only the 2nd day of summer vacation and already I wish it were August! Not for my kids sake, but so the kids next door would be gone all day! The 2 neighbor boys next door think they have to have numerous boys over to play an official game of baseball in their back yard and use our yard as an outfield. They have hit the siding on my house multiple times today and their babysitter is sitting on the back porch reading a book and completely oblivious to the situation! I have glared through the mini blinds already and they saw me but continue to smash the ball towards the house! They don't let Parker play with them because he is smaller than them so therefore, he can't go out and play in his own back yard!
We have talked for years of getting a fence but I think it has now become a necessity! I emailed Jonathan at work and told him to call and send them out for an estimate ASAP! I want a tall fence and want it as close to the border of our property as possible! That will completely stop their baseball games and I will be a much happier neighbor lady! I will also be able to send the twins outside with nothing to worry about!!! (With the exception that they will be eating dirt, etc!)
Last Sunday, Parker's memory verse was "Love thy neighbors..." We had a real lesson over that one because he said, "I hate my neighbors!" :) This week it is "Love your enemies!" He and I will have a lesson again I am sure!



Definitely time for a fence! That's just mean that they won't let him play. You ought to go out there and tell them that if they are using YOUR yard, they HAVE to let Parker play as well or else they can stay out of your yard. Parker shouldn't be cooped up indoors because of those two! Now I'm really annoyed for you and if I were there I'd tell them myself. LOL ;o-)

I LOVE our fence! I can send the kids outside with absolutely no worries. Rodney put it up himself (well, dad did help drill holes in the ground for the posts and put those up) so it took a little longer but I SO appreciate his time and hard work!

Angie Davis

You know, those are just the kind of people who hang tacky things on your fence! ;)

Karen Walden

I saw them climbing our other neighbor's fence just this morning!
I'll have to do a walk by every once in a while to make sure they don't have any mean signs hanging on our fence!

By the way...Jonathan got right on that estimate thing!!! Yea!!!

Sherry Gates

UGH! Don't you just hate things like that? We had them all the time when we lived in the trailer park. That one girl that came to church always tried to beat Jake up because "she was a girl and he had to take it." One day I told her in front of her dad that the next time he was going to clean her clock because she was not a lady! She never tried anything again!


We've had neighbors that make you want to move. Not fair, is it?

Jonathan Walden

Well, got the estimates and as it turns out, I am going to go ahead with the electric fence! Now if I can just get the twins to wear these collars...


LOL at Jonathan's comment. Oh my! What a mental picture. :)

Yeh, I think you definitely need to put up a fence. The first summer we moved here, some neighbors would send their little girls to our yard to "play". They would arrive about 9 a.m. & go home at suppertime! The parents had never even met me but yet they let their kids spend all day at my house? After about 2 days of them running in our house to use the bathroom, eating our food, and using inappropriate language - I had had it. I had to lay down the law. ;) Fortunately, they never tried to climb the fence again. Otherwise, we probably would have been looking into a privacy fence too.

Gotta do what ya gotta do to take care of your own kids! Your children deserve to play outside in their own yard. Goodness!


Laughing at Jonathan...

Angie Davis

(Laughing with Michelle...)

Jody J

Oh, neighbor kid trouble is not fun! Been there; done that. Good luck!
If Jonathan gets the electric fence to work for the kids, let me know. I might have to try that!


Yep it sounds like it is time for a fence. I do think you have every right to ask them not to play in your yard, but... just try and remember, they are kids and just trying to have some fun : ) I know I probably shouldn't give you that last bit of advice, since I've never had to deal with that, ha. However, we DID have to deal with our neighbor's stupid, yippie dog when we lived in town, ugh! Her back door lined up with our bedroom window (didn't work so well since we were 2nd shifters).

Greg & Anna's Cubs

I would love a fence myself. We live in the country so it wouldn't be to keep people out it would be to keep our natives in! I'm not sure how much I would want to fence in though. Good Luck. I would probably be the mean neighbor that would go out and tell the brats to stay in their own yard and leave my kids alone! Greg says that I'm like a Killdeer bird. I'm pretty protective of our kids!


I'm just hoping for the country....ASAP! We live in a rural setting (cornfield across the street) but it doesn't eliminate the four-year-old neighbor kid who is constantly cursing, crying, and whatever else he has to do to get his way! Greg observed his parents (from the sky-view of our new treehouse :)) fighting the other night...pushing, cussing, throwing things at each other...I knew the little guy had to be seeing it somewhere! It is so hard to find the line of protecting your own kids and reaching out to someone with the love of Jesus! As for your siding being demolished with softballs...I think enough is enough. That would be the end of my patience! Good luck with the fence!


Thats too bad that you have to get a fence in order to enjoy your back yard...but it will be worth having it just to keep the neighbor kids out.


I'm just wondering...Did you raise your hand in church when Jonathan asked how many loved their neighbors???? Will you be inviting them to VBS? :) :)

Karen Walden

You're rotten Jenny! Yes, I slithered my hand up but was also looking at Parker as well! :) We will invite some of them but these might be "too old" to enjoy VBS! :)