Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Pictures...

Click on the picture below to view photos from our Mother's Day! If you watch the slideshow, the picture of me with my kids, and April with hers are quite hilarious!

Mother's Day 2008



What hilarious pictures! No WONDER I don't have a good picture of either you or April with your 3! I think we made some memories yesterday. :) I definitely need to add some of your pictures to my scrapbook pages...

Karen Walden

I'll send my camera with the kids on Wed.


Great photos! Candids are better'n posed photos anyway. I loved all the silly ones. :) That one of Jeff holding the little guys chin in place really cracked me up. (BTDT!)


Funny, funny. It gets better! Looks like Peyton is quite the ham!


It appears you have a little ham on your hands, HA?!?! Happy Mother's Day anyways : )


Funny, funny. Peyton was the "star". They crack me up, and you are just sitting over there smiling away, and the kids have all kinds of expressions. Too funny!!

Sherry Gates

Nice Job! I think I got my "blog" back!

Angie Davis

Gene and I looked at those a couple times and cracked up over the progression of Peyton's antics. He apparently has a cousin who's a lot like him too... :)