Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mother~Daughter banquet...

Last night was our church's 3rd annual Mother~Daughter banquet. It was very nice and the food was delicious. Linda Scarbrough was our guest speaker, coming to speak for us all the way from Georgia. She did an excellent job and everyone seemed to have a great time.
This year we tried something different and had 8 different ladies be responsible for completely decorating and furnishing their table. I tried to get pictures of all of them. It was a fun idea and some even mentioned trying it sometime with a "holiday" theme! (Click on the photo below to see pictures from all the tables.)

Mother~Daughter Banquet 2008



Great pictures. Good job on your table. It looks beautiful. I like your mom's as well. Looks like you all had a great time.


All the tables are pretty! Did you have to come up with your own theme or were you given a theme?

I see Paige made it...she must be feeling better?

Karen Walden

Michelle...we had to come up with our own theme. I used my china and silverware that I got for our wedding. (It is teal and out of style a bit! HA!)

Yes, Paige was fine! However, my mother-in-law woke up sick this morning! (Luckily, it was only a one time thing as they had to go to Tenn today!)


Lots of beautiful tables! That is a very creative idea.

I'm glad Paige is better!


Neat idea! It looked very nice. You must have a lot of talented people. :-) Our Banquet is the May 19th. Had J & R for dinner today, Had a good time of course.
Love, Angie


I thoroughly enjoyed the pics. How creative the ladies were to come up with all those ideas! You did a beautiful job with your theme!

Jody J

Beautiful tables! That looks like fun. Glad Paige is better.

Angie Davis

We should try that in Frankfort. With all the colorful personalities around here, the tables would be hilarious!


Very neat idea on everyone decorating their own tables, they all turned out beautiful and so unique! I wish we would do something like that at our church more often, it is needed!

Jonathan Walden

I can just see Angie's "Dino-poo" oriented table now!!


Thanks for sharing all the table photos. It was neat to see the different ideas. Especially since I'm lacking in the creative category. Jillian has the same dress that Paige wore to the banquet. Gotta love BabyGAP! :)


I enjoyed looking at all the pictures of the tables...what a neat idea. Everything just looked so pretty.


First, thanks for stopping by my blog! Feel free to do so anytime. Your Mother~Daughter Banquet pictures are beautiful! I'm having a Ladies Luncheon here at our Church the beginning of next month. Always an exciting time. I liked the pictures you labeled ~ the Thompson Girls & the Walden Girls. Really nice banquet!