Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom!

Happy Mother's Day to Jonathan's Mom!
Happy Mother's Day to my Grandma Thompson! Happy Mother's Day in Heaven to my Grandma Brown

Happy Mother's Day to all of my blogger Mommies! I hope you have a nice, restful day, and are surrounded by your wonderful families! With any luck, you won't have to cook or do the dishes and can sneak in a long afternoon nap! (I couldn't find a recent picture of myself with my three kids so I will try to get one sometime tomorrow!) Getting 3 kids to look at the camera at the same time is a difficult task, much less trying to get them all to smile! We'll attempt!!!

Enjoy your special day!!!


Angie Davis

Happy Mother's Day! I'm pretty sure a loooong nap sounds like the perfect way to celebrate today. :)


Happy Mother's Day, Karen!!


Happy Mother's Day to you!!! Hope you have a wonderful time with your family today.

Greg & Anna's Cubs

Happy Mother's Day to you too. Who said that all of the kids had to be looking at the camera and smiling? Go to my blog and you will see our Mother's Day shot and see that Seth was not in to it at all.


Karen...Thanks for the nice gifts & cards. I can't wait to read the Gaither book.

You need to post the picture of April & her kids so everyone will understand why I don't have a recent picture of them! I was going to tell both of you that I would like for you to have one done for me at Sears...but forget I even mentioned it! :) It would be total chaos! HA!!!!


Happy Mother's Day, Karen Lynn! Hope yours was nice and relaxing. You'll have to check out my "Mother's Day Miracle" post!