Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another chapter of life...

Last night was Parker's pre-school "graduation." It made me sad to see this part of life come to a close! It was sure nice keeping him home if I wanted to spend the day in Greenwood shopping or taking off and running to Tenn for a week in October! From now on, it won't be so easy to "get away."
Another tough thing I did last night was turn in his Kindergarten papers for our Christian school for next fall. He will go all day everyday. Makes me sad because I know this means he will be in school from now on. Don't get me wrong, I think I will enjoy him not being here to fight with the twins all day! It just makes me sad to realize that he is growing up like everyone else!
Here are a few pics from his little pre-school program...

Singing "Down by the bay..."

Proud of his blue ribbon...

With Mrs. Vanarsdale...(He is almost as tall as she is!)

With Mrs. Gill...



Awwww!!! What a big boy! I can't believe little Parker Man will be ready for kindergarten in just a few short months. Tell him his Auntie Carol is SO proud of him!


I agree, the early years go way to fast. Even though I home school my girls and have the flexibility of going whenever we need too, it's still harder once they start school.


Yea for Parker! Now on to bigger & better things. Grandpa was noticing in church tonight now much better Parker is coloring. I'm glad you waited another year to send him to Kgarten. You won't regret it.

I need some of those pictures....

sankey family

Congratulations, Parker! You're right, Karen - starting school is a big step, especially for that first one. I think sending Jordan got me more than the younger was just all so new! but my boys always loved going to school - never cried one tear!


Time sure flies by - you notice it so much when you have kids! :) He looks awfully cute.

Greg & Anna's Cubs

Congrats! Megan told me today that she was ready for school. She won't be four until Sept. 28th. I'm not sure if I'm ready. Is he going to Bethel?

Karen Walden

Anna...yes, we turned in his papers this past Tuesday! Oh the memories that will come back to Jonathan and I... :)


Time has a way of passing us by, doesn't it? Now both of my boys are fine young men and I'm a grandma!! Where does time go?

Sherry Gates

You probably don't believe this but I do feel your pain even though it was so many years ago for me! I cried because Jonathon didn't and I expected him to! How dumb is that!

Angie Davis

Parker will have so much fun in kindergarten! It is kinda sad, though. We're just finishing up first grade, which really makes me feel old. Hard to believe Kent's coming up on school really fast too...


It's hard to believe! I've got one going into 3rd grade - YIKES! I'm keeping Kelcee out a year and just work with her at home. She'll turn 5 ten days after school starts and I think she'll be more ready next year! So, I've got 1 more year to have one at home with me and then they'll be gone. I have NO idea what I'll do!