Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And what is growing in your refrigerator?

We are growing Happy Meal toys!!! (At least there's no chance of it getting moldy on us!)


Jonathan Walden

looks like we need to put eggs on the grocery list...


Yikes! You never know what might come crawling out of that crisper drawer. Too bad you didn't find that nice surprise in the middle of the night when you were in a fog...

Angie Davis

I like that better than the tomato I found in my veggie drawer last weekend. Yuck!


I wouldn't even want to post a picture of my fridge...and I have no kids! That's on the list to do..."must get rid of all penicillin" (no clue how to spell that)! HA!


LOL I remember those days.....! :) Now I find about 13 glasses with about half an ounce of milk, juice & flat pop in them that the kids are "saving" for later. Yuck!


Isn't it funny what may get "shoved or pushed" to the back of our frig? I won't find any toys in my frig for a while, I don't think. I took some pictures of my Grandson standing looking in the frig a few weeks ago that I want to post. It was so cute!!

Sherry Gates

You are so brave! I would not post my frig. There isn't lots of yucky stuff right now but it is usually crammed since we are a big family.(actually I am the only big one) Anyway, someday you will miss that stuff....REALLY!

Nathan and Tricia

I wouldn't Dare put a picture of my fridge on here - I could only wish that mine looked that neat...hate to see what it looks like when the kids come along...Yikes!

Karen Walden

I will admit, mine just recently got cleaned out. (I wouldn't have put a picture of it on there a few weeks ago!)
Just thought it was funny that when I opened the fridge after work the other night, there was a car in it! ;)


That's adorable. Makes me miss my little ones...a little bit :)