Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Buried in junk...

Sorry for the infrequent posts lately but I am buried in junk for our Jr Church garage sale. I finally took the plunge and dove in and what a mess I have made. I can't believe the stuff we still have after just doing this last August!

Lets just say, it was a real blast yesterday going through the twins toy box while they were in the room with me. I would put a sticker on something and they would run off and play with the toy or try to remove the sticker! I sent Jonathan with a load last night to the church barn to get it out of their sight!

Parker has 2 baseball games this week due to a rain out a few weeks ago. He is playing first base and loving it! He will be so disappointed when the season is over at the end of June!

We had a great time at our Sunday School class picnic last Saturday. I took my camera but never got it out of my diaper bag! Peyton somehow managed to smash fingers on both hands on two separate incidents! Several of the little ones went flying off the merry go round while it was in motion and the Dad's were totally oblivious while playing softball!

The rest of this week is going to be busy like everyone else. Birthday parties, working, Memorial Day, etc! We are going to a play with friends on Friday evening...Father of the Bride! (Our guys are thrilled!!!)

Come on summer vacation! We're ready!!!



Where are you seeing the "Father of the Bride" play? Sounds like fun.

Karen Walden

Derby Dinner Playhouse near Louisville. It is just like Beef and Boards in Indy. Going with Darin and Amy!

Angie Davis

I still say you should sell Jon's Elvis junk. It's for SUCH a good cause...

Jonathan Walden

There is no such thing as Elvis junk Angie!

Angie Davis

(Forget the yard sale, Karen--just light a match! But save the jumpsuit; he has to wear that for my birthday this year...)

Sherry Gates

I remember the wonderful days of getting rid of baby stuff and little toys! We kind of jumped the gun getting rid of stuff after Seth! Oh, well! I need to get rid of some stuff too!


Sounds like you are busy. I just had a yard sale with both of my sisters-in-law and a friend. We had so much stuff it didn't look like we sold a thing, but we did. Have fun at the play.