Saturday, May 17, 2008

Funny Fellowship with Fantastic Friends...

Just finding out that the waiter forgot part of Travis' order...
Good thing Travis is a preacher, he was nice to the man!

Be sure to visit Angie's Blog for a hilarious post about our evening together. The group picture on her blog is priceless! I was doubled over laughing, about to potty right there, at Gene and Jonathan. What a combination when you get our three men together. Add Angie to the pot and you never know what might happen!

Angie told Gene she would wait until he got food in his teeth before we took their photo together. He said if she did, he would just take his teeth out! (Gene got teased all night for being the old man of the crowd!)

Jody was not trying to catch flies during my group photo, but talking to the bald waiter. This one was taken right before Gene got acquainted with the goose and before Angie had to grab onto to the wall!

Check out our men's suits...I think they all called each other before we met and said to wear gray suits and lavendar shirts. Gene must have only gotten part of the message! :)

Thanks Davis' and Johnson's for a great night of Christian fellowship!
Next time we'll have to sing the Doxology together for our prayer though!


Jonathan Walden

just maybe the goose got Jody in this picture

Angie Davis

That's just what I was thinking! Jonathan was a busy little goose that night... My face still hurts from all the laughing--but I guess you can tell that from the giant chipmunk cheeks I have in that photo.

Angie Davis

Wait, Karen--were YOU the one who made that puddle?! Okay, that explains it... :)

Jody J

We had a hilarious time. We must do it again soon!
Thanks so much for posting the picture of me with my mouth hanging open! Lucky for you, I don't have a camera right now.

Steve Hight

How come Travis is the only one in the bunch who looks serious?

Sherry Gates

glad u had a good time! I got my old blog back.

ginasmitherma (travis's mom)

You should have been to keywest shrmp house the time the waitress shook the ketsup bottle and ketsup flew all over travis and his date candy king. the look on his face was priceless.