Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time to diet...

Tonight after supper Parker decided to weigh himself. (He was weighed at the beginning of the school year and at the end and we could NOT believe the difference! Therefore, we decided to see for ourselves!) Much to our dismay, the scales at Parker's school were correct! He weighed 50 pounds at the beginning of the school year and now weighs 61 pounds! Yikes!!!
Peyton and Paige decided they needed to be weighed as well and had to have a turn on the scales! When they were done, I decided to take a turn! (No...I am not telling what I weighed and the scales on the left are not true either!) :( Parker came running into the family room to tell Jonathan what everyone weighed! Jonathan asked, "Did Mommy weigh too?" Parker replied, "YES..and she's fine, the scales didn't even break!!!!!!!!!!!"


Jody J

Ha! Don't ya just love kids! I just quit weighing myself until I am serious about losing a few pounds. I was tired of seeing the scales inch up! :)
You don't have to tell us how much you weigh, but you could go ahead and tell us how much Jonathan weighs - he doesn't have a blog! :)

Jody J

BTW, Angie asked if we wanted to go out tomorrow night with you guys. We'd love too! We're still not sure what we're doing. We are either going to the funeral or the viewing. We have a graduation on Fri. night and one on Sat. morning that we're invited to, so someone's gonna be left out!
Maybe we'll see ya!


Good grief! I'm probably very glad that I took my scales out of my bathroom & hid them in the closet. :) No telling what he would say about me.

Jonathan told me what Parker weighed at the end of school...& I honestly thought their scales were broke!


That is too funny :o))


Ha ha...that made me laugh. What didn't make me laugh was when I weighed in at the doctor's office today. (I'm blaming part of it on just have eaten right before going in...)

Karen Walden

Yeah have an excuse! I don't!!!!!!!

Angie Davis

Connor is sure my scales say I'm 400 pounds. God bless the little weasel--he's just like his father!

Karen Walden

I didn't dare let Parker see my numbers! He came out and announced everyone's weight to Daddy! He was 61.0 and told Jonathan he was 610! Imagine what I probably weighed! (4 digits!)


LOL That is a hoot! Kids are so funny.


You know how obsessed Parker is with numbers! And sometimes he is a bit dyslexic--so no telling what he would have thought you weighed! I'm definitely keeping my scales in the closet!!! :(


That's hilarious! Steven weighs 65 pounds. How tall is Parker?

Karen Walden

Michelle... 50 1/2 inches!


So hilarious! Ryan was reminding me last night that daddy's legs are like steel, and well, mommy's aren't - gotta love him. He begged me to tell him what I weighed...I said no way, and he then became serious enough to "pinkie promise" that he wouldn't share the info...I still said no way!!!