Sunday, March 23, 2008

A busy Easter weekend...

We spent part of Good Friday at the outlet mall finishing up our Easter shopping! I can't believe how fast my kids feet grow!
Saturday morning, we had brunch at Mom's at 10am! She fixed a yummy french toast casserole, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits and fresh fruit! The brunch is always a treat for us adults to look forward to before the big egg hunt! After breakfast, the kids were so excited to get their Easter baskets from Papa and Grandma! They were finally allowed upstairs to raid the bedrooms for hidden Easter eggs!! Papa hid over 150 eggs and it didn't take them but about 5-8 minutes to find every one! The twins caught on quickly and the race was on between the 6 grand kids! The parents were just thrilled to find out that every egg was stuffed with some sort of candy! (Can you say hyper???)
Saturday evening, we spent visiting with friends and got home late to begin ironing and stuffing the Easter baskets! Shortly before 11:30pm, my iron bit the dust! It "puked" brown stuff all over Parker's shirt and Peyton's pants! I was completely in tears as I had everyone else's outfits hanging there all wrinkled! Jonathan quickly ran to Wal-mart and ran as fast as he could to buy us a new iron before the Sabbath! Unfortunately, when he got home with the new product, it was now Resurrection morning and I had to finish ironing!
Today began bright and early with the kids getting their baskets, fixing food and hurriedly rushing out the door to make it by 9:30am!
Mom had the Thompson's over for Easter dinner... ...and it was also my nephew, Brycen's 2nd birthday! (See Mom's blog...) We enjoyed the afternoon and once again it was time to rush back to church for our little Easter Singspiration! Everything went as planned with a couple of minor exceptions! (Jonathan of all people, forgot to turn his mic on when he had a feature song and it had 5 verses!!!!!!!!) He made sure the rest of our mics were on but didn't think to check his own! Duh... I kept trying to give him my mic during his song but he would not take it for anything! I felt completely stupid so I finally just aimed my mic at him in hopes that it would pick up a little anyway!! He finally realized it wasn't on and about blew us out of the sanctuary when he flipped it on! Another nice blunder was when we were singing the song "Gone" and 3 of us forgot that we were to repeat the chorus! Of course, Jonathan, who was singing bass, was the only one who remembered and "growled" out his part alone! It sounded quite funny so we decided we better join in and help him out!
My house is now a total wreck from the weekend festivities, I have to work the next two days and we start revival Tuesday night with Bro. and Sis. Henry Miller! Busy week ahead!
Sorry for the enormous post, hope you all had a wonderful Easter! (By the way, it snowed here on Easter! I got a picture of it! Does that mean if it snows on Easter Sunday it will snow for 7 Sundays in a row? My Dad says that if it rains on Easter!!!)

Have a great week! Blogging off to try to wind down these hyper kids!



Happy Easter!!
Your kids outfits were absolutely adorable, by the way.
Nice family pic too!


Cute outfits! I think I see a C&B outfit on mommy! I was just in there last night. I didn't get myself anything new for Easter because I'm trying to lose weight and thought it would be pointless to spend money on something that I really don't plan on being able to wear in the next couple of months! We didn't have any snow here but did have frost and 26 degrees when we got up and later the sun decided to shine so it turned out to be a rather pretty day.

Angie Davis

The kids looked adorable! I'm so mad that I didn't do pictures on Sunday morning, because Gene and the boys came down with some sort of flu on Sunday afternoon and none of them was up for pictures that night. They all stayed home in pajamas!


Cute outfits on the kiddos (guess I didn't check out the mom and dad's! lol!) We are such terrible parents that we didn't even get our kids very much candy for Easter. I don't know what the deal is but every year, I throw away the better portion of chocolate Easter bunnies that I find in their stash in their room. So I decided that since they don't like 'em why buy 'em? So since we are saving all our extra pennies for spring break to be spent in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge next week, we bought the two younger ones a Webkins and Britnee got her very first "grown-up" CD. They also got spending money for vacation and some Willy Wonka "Golden" eggs. They seemed happy enough and tonight or tomorrow we'll get more candy to their liking 50% off (or more:) I would have never dreamed of doing such a thing a few years ago!


Wow, guess I should have posted that on MY blog and not yours! Sorry!


Looks like everyone had a very happy Easter! :) The kids look adorable!