Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Paula!

(Paula and Karen vacationing in Beech Bend, Kentucky)

My cousin, Paula and I are a whole 4 days apart! Our mom's are 1st cousins and grew up as close friends. Paula and I never grew up together but we have some great memories of family get together's and family vacations together! We also have some "not so great" memories like the time she and I were almost kidnapped by a grown man while we were camping in Bowling Green, Kentucky! (Now that is a scary story...) Paula is now pregnant with her 7th boy and lives states away. (I cannot believe we are only 4 days apart and she has that many more children than me! More power to you Paula Ann!!!) We rarely see each other but will never forget those good ole' days of camping together, etc! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Paula! I was thinking of you today! I thought I would share with you a couple of hilarious pictures of she and I together! We thought we were real beauty queens... :)

(Real babes, huh??? Like my "stone washed skirt?")

Happy #3rd Birthday also to my cousin, Amelia Thompson. Check out my Mom's Blog for a tribute to her!



Happy Birthday, Paula!!!

I think you spent several past birthdays here in Indiana on Spring Break. Too bad I didn't have any of those old pictures scanned that we could post. Remember when you girls were trying to get all of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls?

Hope you have had a wonderful day!


Karen Walden

Yes I do Mom!! I remember the ONLY one I never did get was Lemon Meringue and you gave it to Paula when they were here one year for her birthday!!!!!!!!!!! :(


I particularly like the glasses...perhaps I'll check into getting those when it's time for a checkup.


Parker looks like you in that picture w/the orange jersey shirt. :)

Weren't we just so stylish back then? LOL :)


Yes, Parker definitely looks like her!

Karen - I think I remember that sweatshirt you're wearing in the last picture. Also I still have my Lemon Meringue doll if you'd like me to pack it up and send it to you! ;o)

Angie Davis

Alas, it was Blueberry Muffin I lacked...


I don't think you ever forgave me for giving Paula the last "Lemon Meringue" that we ever saw! By the way...I think I have a box of those things around here somewhere. Would you like for me to load them up for you to take home??? I know you just love for me to do that!

Did anymore see what the camping T shirts said? "I Drove 'Em Crazy at Beech Bend"....& I think they did!


P.S. And those glasses may be in a drawer around here too--if anyone is interested...


Is that Parker and Carter standing by each other in the second picture? They definitely resemble their parents! :@)