Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Matching outfits...

I like to get church outfits for my boys that match. Especially since it is difficult to get matching boy and girl outfits for the twins! Parker doesn't really like to match Peyton but didn't seem to notice that they matched this past Sunday morning!
On Sunday evening, Jonathan grabbed a set of clothes and was dressing Peyton for church! Parker was in the other room dressing himself! Jonathan finished dressing Peyton except for his vest and when he stood him up, I cracked up! He had Parker's size 6 clothes on him! He said he thought the pants seemed a bit long! :) Parker had gotten into Peyton's size 3 shirt but there was no way he could wear the 24 month pants!
Jonathan says, "Maybe it isn't such a good idea for them to always match!"



My girls love to match. In fact, last summer I was trying to find them a shirt that matched but the only part I could match was the color. The style was different and the picture on the front was different. Ashlee was VERY upset that they didn't match to a "T"! She's better now and if I can find the same shirt but in a different color she's okay.

Angie Davis

Connor recently grabbed his brother's 2T pants and SQUEEZED into them! They were up around his knees and he couldn't button them, but he got them on!


Now Jonathon needs to find an outfit to round things out! ;)


That is SUCH a cute picture!


Too funny! I used to want the girls to have matching dresses at least for Christmas and Easter. But when Britnee hit a certain size that all suddenly changed. Tony talked me into letting them have their own identities and I've been okay with that although it actually makes it harder b/c I still don't want one in a totally fancy dress and the other more casual, if that makes sense. This year however, it looks like Janae and Kerrigan will match to a "T". I was doing good to find a dress with sleeves (actually I didn't...it's a sweater over a sleeveless dress.)


Sort or reminiscent of you putting my size 16 dress on at Carol's wedding...& leaving me stranded in the basement with your size 6! (There wasn't any way I was going to fit in that!)

I don't think I've heard you laugh so much in a long time, as I did Sunday night! How funny...



That must have been a hoot!

sankey family

I have always enjoyed "matching" my boys, but now that they're getting older I'm going more for coordinated than matching. They seem to like that better.
Your boys are cute!

Greg & Anna's Cubs

I had to LOL on this one. I don't like to match anyone but Megan is really getting into it.