Sunday, March 9, 2008

Change in plans...

Well, the weather man hit the nail on the head for once and we got the snow they were predicting! Unfortunately, Cincinnati got an actual blizzard and the Collingsworth concert had to be cancelled. So...we had a quiet weekend at home and just vegged out for a change. The roads were better by Saturday evening. I developed some serious cabin fever and dug out and drove myself to the mall! Half the stores were closed due to weather but I didn't mind. :) It was just a nice break.
Parker had fun in the snow but we didn't get a snowman built. The snow was real powder like so it didn't pack well. Jonathan lucked out and our wonderful neighbor came over and cleaned off our driveway with his snow blower! (Jonathan got out later and got him a gas card! Maybe the neighbor will help us out again sometime!! :)
This coming week promises to be extremely busy! I have a possibility of working 6 days out of 7 and the only one being truly "off" is my birthday! I am sure I will be all nice and relaxed by then! :o) We don't have big plans, just a dinner with family. I am getting too old and boring. I can't even think of a thing I need!
Did you all remember to set you clocks forward last night??? A friend of mine thought she was doing great this morning and was ready "early" and decided to go check her email! Luckily, I had written her a note last night and I had ended it with "Don't forget to Spring forward tonight!!!" When she read it, it was really 8:50am and her entire family was still in bed asleep! She went running upstairs and they all got ready in record time. They even beat us to church! (That isn't anything unusual though!)
(I've tried 3 times now to upload some pictures of our snow this weekend but Blogger isn't cooperating! Thus, a post without pictures! Sorry!!! )
Have a good week and I hear warmer weather is on it's way! Yea!!!!!!!!!



Well, that's a bummer that you didn't get to go. :( I know you were really looking forward to it.

Aaron Baker has them scheduled to hold a concert at our church in September. You'll hafta try to come. :)


Well, maybe it will be warmer in April and everyone can ditch the winter coats and gloves. There's nothing I despise more than going some where and having to check in my coat or find a place for it.

I will mark my calendar, Denise. We went to the last one they had at your church. It was nice because the atmosphere was so laid back!

Karen Walden

Be sure to let me know the date!! I am a huge fan... :)