Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pick your favorite...

This coming Saturday, we are heading to Cincinnati, no matter how deep the snow or water, to hear my favorite group perform!!!!! The Collingsworth Family will be recording a live video taping and we were able to get tickets to see this grand performance! (They gave away all of their tickets in the first 24 hours and told me I was the first one to email them asking for tickets!) I am such a groupie... :) We are taking Parker but felt the twins might be a little distractive on the taping! My parents are going with us and by pure luck, we are sitting together!
So...I want to know, what is your favorite Collingsworth song? I have a really hard time narrowing it down to one favorite. I guess I can say that my all time favorite would be "God is in the Shadows." Now it's your turn...



"We Still Believe" (Especially Phillip's part!)

Parker Walden


Funny story about the Collingsworth Family...
My best friend Amy who lives in Fort Worth, Texas went to a Gaither concert and the Collingsworth Family was there. She said the Kim played How Great Thou Art, and did an amazing job. Amy sent me the CD that has that song and God is in the Shadows. I think that is my favorite one as well.

Sorry for the novel....


Yay! Maybe, we'll get to see you guys at the taping. Hopefully, the weather will hold out. 700 WLW is reporting 2-4 inches Friday night with 6-10 on Saturday throughout the day. Better wear your boots! :)

I can't name a favorite song off the top of my head (I like too many of them), and I'm too lazy to go out to the garage to get the CD from the car! :) Sorry!


I was gonna say "We Still Believe" too. Great minds think alike! It's peppy and catchy!

Lady J

God is Faithful is my favorite. Hey, if the people I am going with back out because of the weather can I bum along with you all? I am in desparate need of some Christian music and fellowship! Ask me about the math test sometime. :(


I can see us having to get a motel! Boy...would Wesley & Jenny enjoy that!!! I don't think I'll tell Bob to tune to WLW for a while...


Favorite...Probably "God Is In The Shadows"...


Well...we at the Wheeler House have several favorites, but my girls are voting for "God Is In The Shadows". Wish we were coming with you!!!


The last comment was from Aunt Carol and the girls. Sorry. :)

Jenny long as the twins are good sleepers...:) :)

Jody J

I don't know if I could narrow it down to one, but I LOVE "God is in the Shadows".
I just heard the taping was canceled! That would be so disappointing! I guess you can look forward to something in April now. I was so wishing I could go. Maybe I can now!

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Bummer....I got an email saying it's been cancelled.

I'm not sure I have an absolute favorite, I like them all. However, my favorite piano arrangement is"Joshua Fought the Battle. The kids enjoy anything by Olivia!

Jonathan Walden

My first thought was to vote for "No Time To Diet", but there are so many great ones recorded! Going back a few years I really liked "Because of the Blood", but my final answer will have to be "Tradin' A Cross For A Crown."

Greg & Anna's Cubs

Remember the song a long time ago that Kim wrote about the barrell? I don't even think they sing that anymore but I really like it. They sang it when her sister sang with them. I love it. I wish I could go. I didn't know that it was going on.


Jenny....You can rest easy as it looks like we are snowed out. I'm actually relieved that we don't have to travel those roads in this bad weather. Looking forward to April for sure now...