Thursday, March 27, 2008

Memory Verse...

Last weekend we were in the car going over Parker's memory verse. He started out fine by saying "Then said Jesus unto them..." (Here's where he blew it...) "Go West!" Trying not to laugh hysterically, we got him back on track!

We are busy with revival this week with Brother and Sister Henry Miller so that explains my absenteeism! Plus, nothing exciting is going on around here!
Jonathan and I have to sing in a wedding on Saturday and I have developed a head full of gross stuff and a barky cough to go along with it! I may be singing bass with a nasal sound! (I am sure the bride and groom will be thrilled!!!)

We are also in the process of getting rid of his little truck and getting a different 2nd vehicle! I don't have much say in the matter, but don't mind as long as he keeps my payments at a reasonable rate! Anything is better than me driving a pick-up truck back and forth to work! (I am not a truck kind of girl by any means!)

Until next time...



"Go West", huh? Totally cracked me up!

I'm not a truck kind of girl either but every once in a while I have to drive Rodney's big red truck that sounds like it's got a Cherry bomb glasspack on it or something. Wheeee! I actually don't mind but it IS big! and I'm sure I look cute hauling myself up in that thing......


...well, I'm pretty sure that Jesus said unto Parker, "Go West and visit thine Aunt Carol"...I'm pretty sure Parker Man would agree.


Aunt Carol


"Go West"! That is hysterical!

Karen Walden

Carol...Parker said, "Oh yeah, and we can see the baby puppies!" Jonathan says No Way!!! :) He remembers bringing home one of those cute little puppies last fall! HA!


You can tell Jonathan he can visit us AND the puppies with no fear of bringing one home. They are all spoken for. I wish Parker was here to help me give the baby puppies their shots today!
Tell Parker he can "go West" and come see his Auntie anytime!!

Greg & Anna's Cubs

"Go West." I love it. He sounds like a blast. As far as the truck, I have an Impalla and Greg has a Saburban. It seems strange but I can park the Saburban better then I can the car. I'm not a truck person but I love the Saburban with the kids. I'm so glad that we chose it instead of a mini van.


As for the wedding, Tony and I were to sing at my niece's wedding in Oct. Stupid me for agreeing. Anytime I travel north in the fall I lose my voice. That year was no exception. I could not squeak out one note. Fortunately, my sister filled in for me and our voices sound so much alike that it was like an out of body experience. Soooo weird! Hope your event went well!