Thursday, March 13, 2008

A glimpse of single parenthood...(and I don't like it one bit!)

Jonathan flew to Canada yesterday on business and will return to the US some time tomorrow. I have had to work every day this week, due to our mandatory "call time," and my kids have worn their babysitters out!!!
Last night was a challenge getting the twins to sleep as they both just had to be rocked at the same time! Then, at 4am, they both woke up crying for Mommy! Paige has slept through the night for practically her entire life but for some reason, she always picks nights when I am the only parent home to wake up and cry to be held! I ended up with two boys in my bed who both like to sleep sideways and right up against me! (...and here I thought I was going to have the entire bed to myself while Jonathan was out of town!!) :(
My phone rang before 6am today saying they needed me to come into work so I hurriedly got ready and drug 3 sleeping kids with "dragon breath" out of bed and into a chilly vehicle. Off to Grandma's until Mommy could leave work! Grandma had to take Parker to school and drag the twins with her. Papa filled in for Daddy and met Parker at school for lunch and brought him home! (Thanks so much Grandma and Papa for your help today!)
I ran our taxes to our tax man and hurried back home once again in hopes to lay the twins down for a nap. Paige dozed in the car and she refused to nod off again once we got home.
Jonathan had scheduled a 5:30pm hair cut appointment in Franklin, In and was conveniently out of the country tonight! Therefore, I got the pleasure of taking three rambunctious children to the appointment. I was completely stressed out the entire time and was so glad she was running on time for a change!!! I got completely embarrassed when Parker announced to her and the entire salon that his mommy likes to take baths but when she does "she gets hair all over the tub!" I wanted to walk out right then and there!
Like any normal, single parent, we grabbed fast food on the way home and are about ready to call it a day!
Oh how we miss Daddy around here. I am completely bored with no adult conversation and ready to pull my hair out due to being cooped up with 3 wild children!
The good news... it has finally warmed up and Parker is now playing baseball outside instead of throwing a tennis ball at my front door from the family room!
Have a great weekend. I am getting another year older in a few hours... I think I have popped out several more gray hairs this week too!

Nite all!



I've had my kids by myself for several days in a row, too, and I agree...It isn't fun at all. The older they get the easier it is though.
Parker sounds like Steven. This winter he's been throwing a tennis ball against the wall in the LR and catching it. That constant "whump" on the wall gets old fast....I'm about ready to convert the garage into a play area!


Hopefully you can have some rest and relaxation on your special birthday.
Springs coming! I think that will make us all feel better.
We still have snow :-(
I think we've had snow since Nov.


Happy Birthday from both of us! Maybe you'll get a big coupon book granting you lots of "alone" time!

Angie Davis

Happy Birthday, Karen! We need to schedule a girls' day out sometime and hit a spa while the men watch all the kids. (That'll teach 'em...)


Happy Birthday Karen!!! Girls' day out sounds fun!


Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!


Happy Birthday, Karen!!! I hope your day is awesome.

I was LOL at Parker's comment about the hair. Kids are SO funny!

Lady J

Loved your Mom's posting to celebrate your birthday! We will miss you all at our get together tonight.

Nathan and Tricia

Happy Birthday!! Hopefully it's a more relaxing day. :o)

Greg & Anna's Cubs

Happy (Late) Birthday! You don't realize just how much your husbands help until you have to go somewhere without them.

sankey family

I can so relate to your day! It does get easier the older they get - I'll say that.
Happy Birthday!