Monday, March 17, 2008

More rescue heroes!

This past Sunday, we had another guest speaker in Jr Church! Tony Shelton and his daughter, LuRhe came and talked with the kids. Tony is Randy Dunn's brother in law. (Randy was the teacher this week as it was my weekend to work.) Tony is a "First Responder" and his daughter gets to do things as well as Jr responder. They brought all kinds of equipment, helmets, medical supplies, CPR mannequins, backboards, etc. for the kids to check out. They gave all the kids color books and stuffed animals when they were finished. The kids really enjoyed it and some of them think they would like to be a paramedic some day! Their Bible hero this week was the Good Samaritan story!
Here are a few pictures taken during Jr Church on Sunday.

Thanks Tony and LuRhe for taking the time to come and talk with the kids about the duties of your job! We appreciate it very much!



Looks like they did a great presentation! That's great that some of the kids are thinking along that realm. We don't just need Christian preachers and missionaries. We need Christian medical personnel too!

Angie Davis

You guys are doing such a great job with the Children's work there! Can't wait to be part of it this summer. :)

Lady J

I love this series! By the way, when is my Sunday?

Karen Walden

Janet: I believe you were down for the 2nd Sunday in April. Jenny is teaching. The first Sunday there is no "hero" and the
3rd Sunday it will be a "preacher" and the 4th Sunday, "everybody" is a hero!


Looks like the kids are having fun!