Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas comes to Columbus...

We went to the Christmas Musical Fireworks tonight here in town and got to see Santa when he arrived at the mall! Jonathan and Parker froze their tails off sitting outside watching the fireworks, but the twins and I sat inside the car and froze! We had the sunroof and windows open so Jonathan and Parker could hear the Christmas music on the radio!

When the fireworks were over, Santa arrived in a wagon with two horses pulling him. We were standing on the sidewalk and he stopped right in front of us, jumped out of the back of his wagon, shook hands with the kids and went into the mall. He touched all of our kids hands and Paige was trying to be so brave, but couldn't help herself. She started to tear up...

We decided not to fight the mall crowd this year. Last year Jonathan won a $100.00 shopping spree! We figured he wouldn't be so lucky this year so we just came home!



It's a good thing Paige wasn't ask to be Rudolph for Santa or she would have cried!! The kids look real festive in their shirts!!

Angie Davis

I love fireworks, but don't think I would have survived it in the cold. Brrr...


Sounds like fun!

Greg n Anna Cubs

I heard that advertised on the radio but we didn't attend. Cute pic


Love their sweatshirts! Bet they were glad they had them on. Paige looks so grown up in that picture....


Cute pictures of your kids!! Looks like the Christmas celebrating has arrived there!


What a neat thing for the mall to do. I'm sure they do something like that here, but our nearest mall is over an hour away.
Glad Paige did so well when Santa came by.


The kids are so cute!!