Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes...

We hadn't been home from church too long this evening when I noticed the twins were walking around the house singing one of our choruses. Paige was belting out the words to "God said you're gonna make it..." She and Peyton were singing "God said you're going under!!!" HA!! Amazing how much they even get out of a service. They are so bad in church that I hardly get anything out of the service. I can't believe they can pick up the words of a song!

One day last week, Grandma and Grandpa Don were helping babysit the kids. Grandpa Don told Peyton to pick up his toys. He said, Peyton stood there straight as a soldier and with his left hand saluted him and said, "Yes Sir!" :)

Last Saturday, we were going down the road and Parker and Paige were in the back seat playing with their toys. Parker had a small batman and Paige had a small Cinderella in her wedding gown. Parker said, "Paige, let's have them get married!" She agreed, so Parker started the ceremony...he said, "Batman, do you take Cinderella to be your awful wedded wife??? :)

We attended two funerals last weekend of some close friends. The kids didn't quite understand and we had tried to explain things on their level. Jonathan had to give the eulogy on Saturday afternoon and I decided it would be best if I didn't try to fight the kids alone during the service! We went to Steak and Shake for lunch (which was a disaster in itself) and then just waited on Daddy to get finished. Parker kept asking what was taking him so long and I explained to him that Daddy went to the cemetery to help bury him! He said "they are going to bury that man in his good clothes???" I then had to explain that they would bury him in that pretty casket and put dirt on top of him. He seemed satisfied with that and we went on to talk about different things. I thought that would be the end of that conversation for the day! As soon as Jonathan arrived, Parker could hardly wait until he got in the car to ask, "So Dad...was it really cool burying that man?"

Kids....they keep you on your toes!



Hahaha...your post made me laugh.

Brother Walden mentioned his grandkids tonight in the service at church. I didn't know Parker was such a sweet tea drinker. Who does he get that from?

Karen Walden

Uh....ME!!! I prefer sweet tea over pop!! McDonalds sweet tea is the best!

Jonathan doesn't drink tea period and neither does his parents!

What in the world was his Dad telling the church about Parker drinking sweet tea? :)

Tricia Grissom

Sounds like they are also aware of the economy...ha ha!!! In relation to the "burying," when I was a kid I always wondered why they buried people in their good clothes too...seemed like such a waste to me. :o)


Oh Brother Walden was talking about small things that have have great value. He had mentioned that they were watching the kiddos one day. He said that parker is used to having Mickey D's after school a lot, and that he always gets the same thing, including the sweet tea. He said that after the McDonalds trip, when they all got back to the house, Brother Walden took his shoes off and put on his house slippers. But there was something small in his shoe...which ended up being a french fry. He was saying that sometimes the smallest things make a big dfference. I just thought it was funny...

Now I know why he would buy the sweet tea for Parker...he doesn't like it.

I love McDonald's tea! Carl isn't a tea drinker though, so he teases me about the sweet tea...

Angie Davis

Those little turkeys are hilarious! They remind me of a couple little blond boys around here...

Keep track of all this stuff--one of these days, you can use it as blackmail. :o)

Angie Davis

(And Cinderella WOULD probably make an awful wedded wife--she's always losing her shoes...)


Awwww, kids say the cutest things!! :) That awful wedded wife is a hoot! LOL


I've been laughing my head off which is suppose to be good medicine so between your kids stories and my apple cider vinegar I better feel better. I would rather hear more stories than drink my tonic. LOL


Oh, the joys of little ones. when my g-ma died I was bawling my head off and told the kids that grandma had gone to live with Jesus and Jake in his 5 yr. old wisdom told me he hoped she really liked it there. He was absolutely thrilled! I sure miss having little ones.

Greg n Anna Cubs

I love this. Your kids say really cool things. I love the wedding!