Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Photos!

Sampson!!!Tony Stewart!!!
Curious George & Fancy Nancy!!!

We are in revival this week and so the kids were a bit disappointed that they weren't going to get to go out Trick or Treating! We told them we could not miss church for Halloween! Right at 5pm, I took the kids out around our neighborhood and they loved it. Parker was so excited and they loved ringing doorbells and having people give them free candy!

It was fairly warm here yesterday and Peyton got quite hot! We hadn't been gone from the house too long when he started complaining that he was hot and needed a drink! We were too far to turn around so I made him continue around the entire block! Parker decided to tell the neighbors that he was hot but he couldn't take off his monkey suit because he didn't have on any clothes underneath! He was having a ball telling everyone that Peyton only had his diaper on under his monkey suit! The neighbors were amused and I was quite embarrassed!
Parker got a kick out of the neighbor across the street. As he was approaching the house, the guy came "running" out to the sidewalk with a pen and paper and said "Hey Tony, can I get your autograph?" Parker got so embarrassed but went along with it and pretended to sign his name. Later he said, "Mom, I can't believe that man wanted my autograph!"
We went to McDonald's after church with several of the young married couples and Jonathan donned his wig and we could hardly take him serious! He stopped by to see the McCrary's, who are holding our revival, but they were gone to the Waffle House! They have no idea what they missed!!!

I am enjoying the huge bowl of candy that our kids collected last evening. Just what I need for my figure! I keep telling myself, the more I eat, the less of a sugar buzz my kids will get!


Angie Davis

Oh my WORD! Those are hilarious! I love Curious George. Elvis needs a haircut, though...


Cute, cute, cute!


The pictures are really good! I always loved taking my kids trick or treating!! Sounds like you have a very important person living at your house with people wanting autograph's :o) Have a great day!


The kids look cute, but I'm not quite sure that's the right look for Sampson! :)


Awwww, the kids look great! All four of them. :)


I'm glad to hear that your children had a ball. Thanks for sharing your pictures. You have a beautiful family.


lol,lol! I about DIED whe I saw Jonathan. How funny. The kids looked so cute!


I love the hair Uncle Jay!!